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Association News

The National Windsheild Repair Division to Upgrade Repair Standard

The National Windshield Repair Division (NWRD) of the Auto Glass Safety Council  (AGSC) has announced the formation of a new ANSI committee to develop a standard for windshield repair. The standard will be the successor to the Repair of Laminated Auto glass Standard (ROLAGS), which was recently provided to the AGSC by the NWRA when it formed a new division to accommodate the former National Windshield Repair Association.
“We expect to draw heavily on the ROLAGS Standard,” said NWRD president, Troy Mason. “Though the ROLAGS Standard is solid, [the] AGSC has its own systems and procedures in place for standards-setting and we want to make sure the Repair Standard exists in accordance with those procedures.” The new standard will be known as ROLAGS 2.
Mason added that the committee is seeking members and anyone interested in being involved should contact Kathy Bimber at kbimber@glass.com for an application.

Company News

NOVUS Glass Named Top Affordable Franchise Opportunity

Entrepreneur magazine recently featured NOVUS Glass as one of the top franchise opportunities available for less than $100,000. It earned the 23rd spot. Multiple strategies for market entry allow franchisees to start a business at the investment level that makes sense for them, according to the company.
The listing ranks franchise companies based on exceptional performance in areas including financial strength and stability, growth
rate and brand power.
“We are proud of this acknowledgment from Entrepreneur Magazine and will continue to provide an excellent business opportunity to potential franchise partners who exemplify the same values and standards that make NOVUS the
auto glass brand trusted in the insurance, fleet, and consumer markets,” says Ted Andersen, NOVUS vice president of operations.
The “Top Franchises for Less than $100,000” list can be seen in the September 2019


Make it King-Sized

Delta Kits Inc. has introduced a king-sized UV-LED resin curing light, the Elite XL. The Elite XL is double the size of the other curing lights in the Elite Fleet, according to the company.
The UV output field and number of UV emitting diodes is an unprecedented
2.5 inch by 11-inch area with 14 inline 8W high-power Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
The Elite XL produces uniform, high-intensity ultraviolet light at a 365 nm wavelength that is optimal for curing windshield repair resin. The irradiance is 40,000 μW=cm², with a cure time of under one minute, far exceeding industry standards for corded and cordless UV lights, according to the company.
The Elite XL can be powered by three power sources, including 12V, 120V, and 240V.
“Like our popular Elite and Elite Plus, the Elite XL cures in under one minute, so long crack specialists are really going to love this light,” says Brent Deines, president of Delta Kits. “Whether you are repairing a start break, short crack,
or long crack, the Elite XL has you covered.”
The company has also launched a new website at www.DeltaKits.com. Company officials say the new site offers users a clean layout, simple navigation structure and user-friendly functions.

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