WGRReports Mar/Apr 2019

“Vanish” Those Repairs

GT Tools in Durango, Colo., has released the Patented DarkCure™ sub 15-second fully integrated UV curing system, Patent-Pending SpeedLock™ multi-position injector and OneTouch™ Air Re-lease Valve, as part of the VANISH™ windshield repair system.The Vanish™ is available as a system or as an individual bridge/injector assembly.

Make It Quick (Silver)

AEGIS Tools International in Fitchburg, Wis., highlights its QuickSilver windshield repair kit, which company officials say can perform windshield repairs in as little as five minutes. The kit features patented dry-vacuum technology designed to evacuate moisture and air from the break before the resin is injected. Then, hydraulic pres-sure is used to push the resin into the break.

According to the company, the system is simple to set up, uses resin efficiently and is easy to clean up.

The kit also is customizable, with a choice of UV lamps, resins and drills.

Zoom to a Fast Repair

The ProVac Zoom windshield repair kit is one of Bend, Ore.-based GlasWeld’s newest offerings. Ac-cording to the company, the kit is not only fast to use but also simple and easy to learn. The ProVac features “Z-mount technology”, which was designed to eliminate the torque effect that a threaded injector can create, according to the company. GlasWeld officials say the kit rarely overtightens and maintains a full vacuum during the repair. The stainless steel injector also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Daytona Way

Salt Lake City-based Glass Mechanix has available its Daytona line of windshield repair systems, all of which are built around the Daytona Bridge Assembly. The system features an independent dual-cycle injector design and includes a case and injector; the Daytona bridge assembly, universal base seals; injector lower seals; injector upper seals; universal lubricant; both Pro Line and Pro Line 2 resin; pit polish; a polishing cork; rechargeable drill; drill accessories; a UV sunshade; a Daytona curing lamp; curing film tabs; razor blades; a spot mirror; carbide glass pic; star and crack maker; Daytona injector brush cleaner; safety glasses; gloves; and access to online training.

NOVUS® Glass Welcomes New Franchisees

NOVUS Glass welcomes new franchisees, Zach and Sarah Dowd. The Dowds are the new owners of the NOVUS Glass in Douglas County, Colo., formerly operated by Bill Gohl.

“I like being able to help customers turn a negative into a positive and make the repair or replacement of damaged auto glass as seamless as possible,” said Zach Dowd.

According to the company, he has ten years of automotive experience which helped make him a natural fit for NOVUS.

“They have the right knowledge, training, and passion to build a successful NOVUS business in their community,” said Ted Andersen, NOVUS North America operations vice president.

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