Training Time September/October 2022

2012 Maserati Gran Turismo S

By Alfredo Calva

DOT#: 682
VIN#: ZAM45KLA7C0066337

1 This windshield replacement may appear complex because of the make, but it’s a surprisingly easy installation. Always start installations with a pre-inspection and protect the vehicle.

2 I like to start my replacements on the interior of the windshield to confirm that the brackets match. It’s very important to have the correct glass. Start by removing the top mirror cover, and ply it off from the top.

3 To remove the mirror, slide it up towards the headliner. Be careful not to push too hard.

4 Once the mirror is off, remove the lower part of the cover for easier re-installation of the mirror.

5 To remove the rain sensor, unclip the metal clip from both sides and pull towards the middle, then use a tack puller to remove the rain sensor off the bracket. Be gentle, so you don’t separate the rain sensor from its plastic shell as it could break in half.

6 Remove the 17mm nut and torx screw to remove the driver’s side wiper. On the passenger side, only the 17mm nut needs to be removed.

7 When it is time to remove the cowling, start by removing the hidden
screw on the passenger side.

8 Unscrew all the torx screws to remove the plastic cover to expose the cowling.

9 Also remove the plastic cover on the passenger side.

10 Remove the two screws on both ends of the cowling.

11 Lastly, carefully remove the rubber ends of the cowling. I recommend using a plastic stick to avoid any damage to the vehicle’s body.

12 I personally use a fiber line cut-out tool for this vehicle since it has an under sided moulding, and the glass is close to the body of the vehicle.

13 Prep the vehicle’s body and the glass according to your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.

14 It is time to reinstall all the parts. If necessary, install a new gel pad for the rain sensor. To reinstall the rearview mirror, it’s easier if you look from the bottom of the cover to guide the mirror sliding into the bracket. Reinstall the cowling and wipers in reverse order of removal. This is a relatively easy replacement. The only difficult thing is getting the parts in.

15 It is very important to perform a post-inspection before giving the vehicle back to the customer. This vehicle is safe to be back on the road.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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