Training Time September/October 2021

2019 Ram Pro Master 3500

By Alfredo Calva

1 This replacement can get complicated especially if it’s the first time you are replacing one. Windshields keep getting bigger and bigger and this is definitely one of the big ones.

2 First things first, pre inspection is a must on every vehicle, even inspecting under the hood. To open the hood, open the driver’s door and on the left side of the dash is the handle.

3 To remove the cowling, a few body parts have to be removed first. To remove this end cap, unscrew these bolts first using a P2 Philips.

4 Next, gently pop up the two clips and pull the corner away from under the fender since it tucks in under the fender.

5 With this replacement, removing the hood is necessary for easy removal of the cowling. Mark the position of the bolts, as this will help you have the same alignment when reinstalling it back on.

6 Now there is full access to remove the cowling.

7 Remove six screws. The last ones on each end are P2 Phillips screws and the rest of them are P1. If you don’t use the correct tip, they can get damaged very easily.

8 Next cut in between the glass and the cowling to separate the upper part of the cowling.

9 After cutting the entire top between the glass and the cowling, start pulling evenly with both hands. The chances of saving the clips are higher when using this method.

10 Our goal is to save all the cowling clips. In this installation, we saved all the clips. Patience combined with technique is key.

11 If one or more clips stay in the body of the vehicle, pull up slowly and turn at the same time and you should be able to save it.

12 I recommend using a cutout tool to remove the windshield since the way the glass sets in the body is awkward and it’s not easy to access. To finalize the installation, prep both, the glass and the pinchweld. Always follow your adhesive manufacturer recommendations. If you haven’t been certified yet by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), I encourage you to get certified. Knowledge is power, plus a safe replacement could save someone’s life.

13 Reinstall everything back on in reverse order. If the van is equipped with a rearview mirror, it’s a twist off . With such a big windshield, using a setting partner or a setting tool is highly recommended. Work smarter, not harder.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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