Training Time Sept/Oct 2020

2020 BMW X5 Replacement and Calibration

By Alfredo Calva

  1. This is the new body style for the BMW X5. Working on BMW’s are always very interesting as they have a unique design that makes it easy but at the same time very technical. This is especially true when setting the glass, due to the glass being very close to the fenders and also due to the need to have the hood open. Start by doing a pre-inspection and pre-scan, and check all mechanicals.
  2. It is always best to start removing the rear view mirror and camera first, this way you can make sure the new windshield bracket matches 100%. Start by plying open on the bottom of the plastic cover.
  3. Another technique to remove the review mirror is to simply ply away either side of the bracket. The mirror will then release much easier rather than having to slide it down.
  4. To remove the camera, start by prying off the two tabs on the upper part of the camera, then pull the camera off from the bottom guides.
  5. Carefully unplug the heated component and the camera plug.
  6. It’s time to go under the hood. Always make a note where the windshield wipers park. Remove the wipers and the plastic covers surrounding the cowling.
  7. To remove the fluid covers, turn the clip counter clockwise and pull the cover up and away from the cowling.
  8. Unhook the drain tubes from the cowling.
  9. To completely remove the cowling, release the cowling lip that snaps onto the restraining moulding that’s on the bottom of the windshield.
  10. To remove the side mouldings, start on the lower middle of the moulding and ply it away from the windshield to release the clips. Be very careful not to pull too hard because this moulding has hooks that go into the upper moulding and into the fender.
  11. These are the hooks that go on to the roof moulding. You must slide the moulding down to release so you don’t break them.
  12. This is the lower part of the moulding. You can see there is another hook that goes into the fender. After you release the upper hooks then you slide the moulding up to release the bottom of the moulding.
  13. To cut out the windshield, always use the method that is safest for you and the vehicle. Always protect the vehicle on the inside even if you are using fiber line.
  14. After removal, clean up the dirt and debris and do a full cut on the urethane. Then apply primer where needed. Always follow your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.
  15. Prep the glass and use an acoustic dam if the vehicle originally had it. It really does make a difference! This vehicle required two foam dams.
  16. To reinstall the side mouldings, it’s best to start at the bottom by guiding the lower hook first, then the upper ones.
  17. To reinstall the camera, slide the bottom guides first then push it back into the bracket.
  18. Make sure you plug everything back in.
  19. Reinstall the rain sensor. Use new gel if needed and make sure there are no bubbles between the gel and the rain sensor or between the gel and the glass. This could give you a false reading and not function correctly.
  20. Lastly, recalibrate the ADAS system and check all the mechanicals to make sure they are functioning correctly. Following all the safety steps could save someone’s life.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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