Training Time Sept/Oct 2019

2011 Mercedes Benz ML350

By Alfredo Calva

DOT #376
Dealer Part #1646700500

1 This windshield has a few challenges, especially if you have never replaced the windshield on this model. The rear view mirror removal could get technical, since it slides down, not up and it also comes with a thick encapsulation.

2 Pre-inspections are a must. This trim could be broken if not removed properly. Start by separating the lower trim pushing down using a fiber stick.

3 Remove the upper trim by plying away from the headliner using a fiber stick.

4 Now that the bracket is ex-posed, squeeze the upper part of the bracket from the mirror to be able to slide it down. I recommend using needle nose pliers.

5 Grab the mirror and slide it downwards gently.

6 Push on the two end tabs of the rain sensor, then ply away from the glass to remove.

7 Remove the cowling by separating it from the retaining moulding of the glass, removing the lower and side rubber moldings to clear the tabs of the cowling.

8 It is time for the windshield cut-out. I recommend using a fiber line cut-out tool. Insert the fiber line on either of the lower corners.

9 Lace the fiber line using a fiber stick.

10 Prep the body and the glass accordingly. I recommend a sharp fiber stick to avoid damage to the pinchweld when removing the old double-sided tape of the body.

11 I chose to apply urethane to the glass which is easier for this vehicle.

12 Reinstall the mirror by sliding it upwards.

13 Make sure the upper part of the mirror bracket is clear to be able to reopen. To lock the bracket, back it into place.

14 To lock the mirror bracket success-fully, I recommend using needle nose pliers to open the bracket back up.

15 Reinstall the rain sensor.

16 Put the plastic covers back on, in reverse order from removal.

17 The lower cover slides up into the metal tabs of the mirror bracket.

18 Reinstall the cowling and windshield wipers.

19A safe windshield replacement is now complete. Remember to always do pre- and post-inspections, on all the mechanicals and all the sensors related to the replacement.

ALFREDO CALVA is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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