Training Time November/December 2018

2018 Lexus NX 300H 4 Door Utility

By Jeff Olive

1 After the pre-inspection with the customer we verify that the parts are correct. Check the glass for damage and make sure the options match.

2&3 This vehicle has a lane departure warning system (LDWS) with a heated camera viewing area. (Photos 2 and 3)

4&5 Next we can remove the wiper nut covers, wiper nuts and wiper arms. (Photos 4 and 5)

6&7 The retaining pins in each corner must be removed to remove the cowl. (Photos 6 and 7)

8 Now you can remove the cowl by lifting at the edge and pulling towards the engine. (Photo 8)

9-11 The A pillar mouldings can now be removed. I would recommend ordering a new set of moulding. The moulding has a thin strip of plastic that snaps into a metal clip. When the moulding is removed the plastic tends to break. (Photos 9 – 11)

12 We are ready to cut out the windshield. Start by cutting the bottom edge with your tool of choice. (Photo 12)

13&14 Use a tool that won’t damage the pinchweld to cut out the remaining sides. I used a string tool for the remaining cut. (Photos 13 and 14)

15&16 Remove the urethane to 1-2 mm using a curved edge scraper to avoid damage to the interior a pillar moulding and pinchweld. (Photos 15 and 16)

17 Be sure to check pinchweld for any areas that need to be primed and wait for the primer to dry. The urethane must be run is a V-bead equal is he ight to the roof line for a proper seal. (Photo 17)

18  Properly set the windshield into the opening, positioning and decking the part. (Photo 18)

19 Reassemble all of the parts you removed in reverse order and test all of their functions. We removed and reinstalled the LDWS camera. A recalibration of the system must be performed before returning the vehicle to the customer. (Photo 19)

Jeff Olive serves as the training manager for Glasspro in Summervile, S.C. He was recognised as the gold medalist in the first Auto Glass Technician Competition in 2005. Olive is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Auto Glass Safety Council.

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