Training Time Nov/Dec 2020

2017 Jaguar F-Pace

By Alfredo Calva

  1. Working on this 2017 Jaguar F-Pace windshield replacement could be a little intimidating but it’s really not a difficult replacement. Start by doing a pre-inspection of the vehicle’s body, mechanicals and ADAS. Follow by a pre scan.
  2. I like to start by removing the interior first. Confirm that you have the correct windshield by looking at the brackets. Start by plying the lower cover away from the glass.
  3. There are two techniques to remove the rearview mirror, one is to slide the mirror down carefully (otherwise you could end up hitting the dash or ripping off wire connectors). The technique in the picture is the one I prefer. I use a tool to ply away one side of the bracket then pull the mirror and undo the other side of the bracket. I personally unplug the rearview mirror and put it aside since it’s heavy.
  4. To remove the condensation sensor, find the little hole in the middle of the bracket. Use a peck to push inside to release the clip and slide the sensor down. Don’t lose the clip since it holds the condensation sensor in place.
  5. Unhook the opera tabs off and pull down on the upper part of the locking bracket.
  6. To remove the camera, use two hands at the same time, and with one hand push the two tabs on the upper part of the bracket.
  7. With the other hand, use a tack puller to push the camera up to release the two lower hooks off the bracket.
  8. When removing the wipers and the cowling, it is very helpful to take a picture to capture the position of the windshield wipers. If you find yourself guessing where they park, all you have to do is look at a picture.
  9. To remove the side mouldings, first remove the clip located on the bottom of the moulding under the hood.
  10. Next, start plying the moulding off the retainer from the bottom up. You could use a tool of choice or simply use your hands, as it comes off fairly easy.
  11. Disconnect the windshield wiper fluid hose.
  12. To remove the cowling, start on the passenger side using a tool of choice or simply use your hands. This cowling separates from the retainer moulding fairly easily.
  13. Underneath the cowling on the passenger side there is a plug. Unplug it in order to remove the cowling completely.
  14. Time to start cutting out the windshield. I personally prefer to use fiber line on vehicles where the top of the windshield is very close to the body of the vehicle. The upper part of the windshield curves down and if you lace the fiber line all the way across, it tends to try to come out and go on the roof. My technique is to end my fiber line at the middle of the windshield, cut once through the middle then finish lacing the fiber line to the end to complete the cut out.
  15. Prepare the body of the vehicle by trimming down the urethane to 1-2 mm and apply primer where needed, also prep the glass and primer if required by your adhesive manufacturer.
  16. Reinstall everything in reverse order.
  17. Make sure to use the locking clip when reinstalling the condensation sensor. It’s easier if you place the locking clip onto the sensor then slide it back on.
  18. When reinstalling the cowling, don’t forget to plug the connector back and the windshield wiper fluid hose. When reinstalling the side mouldings, align them at the top of the windshield and simply push down into the retainer. Don’t forget to reinstall the clip back on at the bottom of the moulding. Finish by recalibrating the vehicle and checking all components to ensure that everything is working properly.

ALFREDO CALVA is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif. He placed first in the 2016 Auto Glass Technician Competition–Regular Division, and also serves as a trainer for Auto Glass Academy and Auto Glass University.

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