Training Time May/June 2023

2019 Porsche Cayenne

By Alfredo Calva

Vin # WP1AA2AY7KDA06745

1 Working under the hood is the easy part. Remove the windshield wipers, rubber seal and cowling. The cowling is attached to the bottom of the windshield with a retainer moulding. Simply ply it off.

2 To remove the parts inside, start by removing the cover behind the rearview mirror. Ply the bottom of the cover then slide it down.

3 This is what it looks like on the top of the cover. You might have to slide down with some force to unhook the clips.

4 Remove the clip, strap and passenger side airbag display to remove the cover completely.

5 Be sure to lookout for these grommets, as they could easily fall off.

6 To remove the upper mirror cover, start by removing the clip.

7 Remove the rearview mirror by turning it counterclockwise.

8 Unplug and dismount the rain sensor to remove the rear-view mirror completely.

9 Dismount the hardness off the bracket.

10 Remove the sensor.

11 Remove this sensor.

12 Remove this last sensor.

13 To dismount the camera, first ply off the right side of the camera then slide it off to the right. Next, remove the camera heated hood cover and unplug it.

14 Once you’ve removed all of the parts, it’s time to cut out the windshield. I recommend using either a fiber line or a wire cut-out tool, since the top of the glass is very close to the body of the vehicle. After removal, prep both the body and the glass accordingly to your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations. This would be a good time to install the orange strap on the glass bracket.

15 Get the rain sensor ready.

16 Thoroughly clean the heated hood cover in the camera’s view opening before reinstalling. Lint-free towels work best.

17 Make sure the gray grommets are reinstalled before sliding the top of the cover back on.

18 To reinstall the rearview mirror, turn it clockwise until it’s seated firmly to the bracket. Then, reinstall the cover.

19 Make sure all of the covers are back on firmly. For the exterior parts, reinstall everything and test the rain sensor. Also, make sure the windshield wipers are aligned
correctly. Lastly, recalibration is required to deliver the vehicle back safely.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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