Training Time May/June 2020

2013-2018 Acura RDX

By Alfredo Calva

  1. This windshield replacement requires that many parts be removed and many clips be saved. It will take longer to get to the glass then what it takes to cut the glass out.

2. Remove the rear view mirror by unscrewing the torx 20 screw, slide the mirror up and remove the cable cover and cable. Then use a blade to save the double-sided tape that holds the back part of the cable cover. If the tape is not savable, then use ¼ inch double-sided tape and reinstall.

3. It is time to remove parts under the hood, so start by removing the windshield wipers. Always take note of where windshield wipers park.

4. Remove the plastic covers on both sides by plying up, as there are three clips underneath holding it.

5. To remove the cowling ends, I use a plastic stick to ply away from under the fender and off the side moulding. Ply up and away from the cowling in the center as shown in the picture, and, lastly, away from the pinchweld.

6. Remove the five clips that hold the cowling

7. After removing all the clips, simply slide the cowling off from the bottom of the glass.

8. To remove the side mouldings, gently ply up-enough to expose the clip and be able to push the tabs in to release the clip. I use a bent flat head screwdriver which makes it easy to save the clips.

9. I have two different techniques to remove the moulding on the roof. The first technique is to remove the clip off the moulding by pushing the tab into the moulding, then slide the moulding toward the center of the roof, as shown in the picture.

10. This is another clip that holds the side mouldings on the roof. Simply ply it up with a plastic stick. If for any reason it breaks, just slide it forward or backwards on the moulding and it will still work.

11. My second technique to save the upper side moulding clips is by going through the inside of the moulding and using a bend flat head screwdriver to ply the clip off.

12. Lastly, to finish removing the side mouldings, slide the end moulding out or just remove it by plying up the clips that hold it.

13. To cut out the glass, use your tool of choice. Prep the body by removing any dirt and trim down the urethane and prime where needed.

14. Install the underside moulding to the new windshield.

15. rep the glass then prime if required by your adhesive manufacturer and install the new dam.

16. After setting the new glass, remount the rear view mirror. When reinstalling the cowling, remember that it slides under the glass and under the body at the same time.

17. Be sure to reinstall all the clips back on.

18. Lastly, reinstall the side mouldings, in reverse order from last removal, and be sure to reinstall any clips that were removed from the moulding. Also check that all mechanicals that are positioned and working correctly. Always record the minimum drive away time.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif. He placed first in the 2016 Auto Glass Technician Competition-Regular Division, and also serves as a trainer for Auto Glass Academy and Auto Glass University.

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