Training Time March/April 2023

2014 Ford Raptor

By Alfredo Calva

Vin # 1FTFW1R64EFC95467

1 A 2014 Ford Raptor sunroof regulator rebuild or replacement is a very common problem with a few Ford vehicle sunroofs. Some parts are made out of plastic and become fragile over time, and suddenly break. This replacement is very labor-intensive.

2 Start by removing the sunroof glass. Unscrew a total of four Torx screws, two on each side.

3 The headliner must be dropped down and removed to access the regulator. Doing so requires removing many parts. Start by removing the center console.

4 After removing the center console and unplugging it, you’ll see there are two screws holding the headliner.

5 Remove both sunvisors. Unplug the connector, which may be glued down to the headliner. If you start pulling and it doesn’t come out, carefully pull down the headliner and you should then be able to unplug it.

6 This part also has to be removed. Carefully expose the screw. There
should be a little opening where you can start prying off the cover and expose the screw.

7 To save these types of clips, I hold the clip with my thumb and pull at the same time. This technique has been very successful.

8 Both A-pillar covers must be removed. This will help drop the headliner. Be careful removing the speakers.

9 In order to remove the headliner, the passenger front seat has to come out.
Remove all four bolts.

10 Ply the bottom off first, then slide it down to remove it properly.

11 Remove this bolt to disconnect the seatbelt and unplug it.

12 Lastly, unplug the harness that’s hooked to the bottom
of the seat. You will need to move the seat back to remove the bolts.

13 Pull down the rubber door seal on all four doors.

14 Push the B-pillar cover and bring the headliner down. At this point, the headliner may shift to either side. This will allow you to bring them down without having to remove them.

15 Unplug both harnesses on the rear of the headliner.

16 Here is the view after removing the headliner from the vehicle through
the passenger front door.

17 Unplug the motor to remove the regulator.

18 Disconnect the four drain hoses and remove all the bolts holding the
regulator to the roof. At this point, it’s helpful to have someone hold the
regulator frame while you remove the last two bolts.

19 It’s best to remove the regulator frame through the passenger rear door.

20 To disassemble the regulator, start by removing the metal frame that goes across the regulator by removing two Phillips screws. If it’s a replacement, the only thing that has to be transferred is the motor and sunshade cover.

21 Remove the motor from the regulator and carefully drill out the four

22 Push down on this metal tab in order to slide out the part of the regulator that holds the broken pieces.

23 Remove the broken brackets and replace them with the new ones. You may have to use part of the old hardware. Make sure to use the correct side since there’s one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side.

24 Apply new grease to ease the regulator’s back-and-forth slide.

25 Install the motor back to the regulator and sync up the regulator brackets by manually rotating the motor using an Allen wrench. Make sure to sync up both sides evenly to prevent forcing the new brackets. It’s more than likely that travel time will need to be relearned once the sunroof glass is installed. Use this method to relearn travel time.

26 Install the regulator back in, in reverse order. I like to add zip ties on the drain hoses to prevent them from slipping and from leaking. Don’t over-tighten since the drain is made out of plastic.

27 Install everything in reverse order from how you removed it. Make sure to level the sunroof glass to the roof. This keeps the glass from catching air and causing noise at high speeds. Test functions and ensure everything is working properly. You might have to relearn the travel time by adjusting the motor manually. Once that’s done, you’ve completed a successful rebuild.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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