Training Time Mar/Apr 2020

2015 Mini Paceman S Windshield Replacement

By Alfredo Calva

DOT#: 459 FW3790GTY FYG

  1. Mini vehicles are always fun to work on and the design of their windshields has definitely changed over the years. This installation has a little bit of everything, underside top moulding, side mouldings with screws and clips, and a retainer moulding across the bottom.
  2. Stop the replacement with a pre-inspection of the vehicle followed by testing mechanicals and the rain sensor. Make sure they are all working correctly, then remove the cover by plying it off.
  3. To remove the rain sensor, push down on the tabs located at the top, than ply it off and unplug it. This is a good time to fit on the new replacement windshield, to make sure it fits correctly.
  4. To remove the side mouldings first remove the fender’s decorative chrome moulding by pulling up from an end.
  5. To remove the side moulding, unscrew three 20 torx screws.
  6. Next, with a tool of choice, or simply by pulling away with your hands, undo the clips underneath the moulding.
  7. Make sure not to lose the O ring seal from the clips, as it’s important to reuse them.
  8. It is time to remove a few parts from under the hood. Remove the windshield wipers, six 10 mm nuts and the rubber seal.
  9. To remove the cowlings, start by plying carefully off the passenger side first then pull up to undo the tabs that lock on the bottom, followed by the driver’s side.
  10. To cut out the glass, I recommend a fiber line or wire cut-out tool, due to the reduced space between the roof and the top of the windshield. This will reduce the chance of damaging the pinchweld.
  11. When prepping the pinchweld, always prep the body seams according to your adhesive manufacturer recommendations.
  12. Install the top moulding and prep the new windshield following  your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.
  13. In this installation, I applied the urethane to the top of the vehicle, as it is easier to follow the map already drawn by the old urethane to be precise in this installation.
  14. Plug the rain sensor back in and reinstall the rain sensor cover by centering it, then push back on.
  15. When reinstalling the cowlings, do it in reverse order-first on the driver’s side, then the passenger side. Start by fitting the tabs on the lower part of the cowlings, as this makes it so much easier. Next, push the upper part on to the retainer moulding of the glass.
  16. To reinstall the side mouldings first make sure all the O ring seals are on the clips. Start at the bottom, line up all the clips then push down until you hear or feel the clips go in. the moulding should be flush on to the glass and the body.
  17. Reinstall the fender’s decorative moulding back on by simply aligning it and pushing down.
  18. Screw the screws back on. Make sure not to overtighten, otherwise you could possibly crack the mouldings.
  19. Test the mechanicals and the rain sensor functions for proper functionality. If you’re doing a mobile job remind the customer of the Minimum Drive Away Time (MDAT) and leave mirror hang tags with the MDAT in case they forget the time.

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