Training Time July/August 2022

2019 BMW 5 Series 530E Windshield

By Alfredo Calva

DOT#: 682
Windshield Part#: FW4674
VIN#: WBAJA9C51KB388731

1 I really like the windshield installation design on the newer BMWs. It’s practical and fairly easy to replace, plus it requires a dynamic recalibration. The only challenging part is the rearview mirror cover housing. Other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward installation.

2 Start with a pre-inspection and a pre-scan, then inspect the glass to ensure it is in good condition. Protecting the vehicle is very important. I use waterproof reusable seat covers, fender coverss and dashboard protectors. It is better to be safe than sorry, plus it only takes a minute or two. Start the replacement by removing the mirror cover housing. It’s divided into three parts, and the upper cover comes off first. Ply away the side of the cover to remove the upper tab on both sides, then separate the middle part.

3 Take note of what the cover looks like.

4 To remove the middle cover, ply off from the ends.

5 To remove the lower cover, pull the tabs off to the side and pull them down.

6 This is what the lower cover looks like.

7 To remove the rearview mirror, it’s better to hold it down with two hands, then hold the back and slide it down slowly.

8 To remove the rain sensor, unplug it, then unclip the two sides and ply them off the glass carefully.

9 To dismount the ADAS camera, find the center metal tab of the lower part of the camera and push up to release it, then slide the camera down off the bracket. Unplug the brown plug off the camera, which is the heater connector.

10 It’s time to start working on the outside of the vehicle. To remove the cowling, remove the wipers and lower-end cowling covers. Turn the clip counter-clockwise and lift up the cover to remove it, then repeat on the passenger side.

11 Separate the cowling off from the retaining moulding. It is easier to start separating it from the ends of the cowling.

12 The cowling is held on from the two drain tubes on both lower ends. Ply the locking tabs off and pull the cowling up.

13 To remove the side mouldings ply up with your tool of choice. Start at the bottom of the moulding and work your way up.

14 Continue removing the moulding separating it from the clips. The clips on the roof are easy to unclip. There is no need for a tool—just pull up by hand. Keep an eye on the front end of the moulding so you don’t scratch the hood or the fender.

15 I start prepping my bonding area before beginning the cutout. A plastic brush and vacuum are helpful to remove all the debris that potentially could contaminate the bonding surface. For the underside moulding on top of the windshield, use your tool of choice for the cutout.

16 Prep the glass following your adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. In this installation, the two triangular camera covers need to be reused. It is easier to transfer them when the glass is in your glass stand. This installation was done originally with an acoustic dam.

17 It is easier to fit it back into the retaining moulding. Install the cowling back on, followed by the remaining parts in reverse order of removal.

18 To reinstall the side mouldings, start by lining them up at the end, then push back down into the clips.

19 To reinstall the camera, align it in the bracket. Push up until the center metal tab clicks into the bracket that locks the camera back in place. Plug the heater connector back and reinstall the rain sensor. If new gel is needed, be sure to refill it.

20 Reinstall the rearview mirror by sliding it up into the bracket. Reinstall the cover in reverse order of removal. To finalize the replacement, perform a dynamic recalibration. After proper recalibration and a test drive, the vehicle is safe to return to the customer.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif. He can be reached at

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