Training Time July/August 2019

2019 Rezvani Tank Windshield Replacement

By Alfredo Calva

1. We’re tackling a 2019 Rezvani Tank windshield replacement this time. This model comes in two different options, one with a standard windshield and another with bulletproof glass, which is more difficult due to the windshield weight. This replacement focuses on the standard windshield.

2. Start by removing the windshield wipers wipers and the windshield wiper fluid hose.

3 & 4. Remove the rear view mirror by unscrewing Torx 20, then remove the back cover and unplug the power connector.

5 & 6. A fiber line or wire cut out tool is recommended for this replacement. Set the tool up according to the direction of cut out.

7. Remember to protect the vehicle’s body when inserting the fiber line through the urethane as it could be easily damaged.

8. Start the cut out, protect the interior and look out for cables.

9. The fiber line ripped on the bottom right due to excessive amounts of epoxy. At this point, it needs to be rewound. Begin cutting from the driver’s side toward the passenger side. You will also need to make the adjustment winding the fiber line out of the cut-out tool.

10. Scrapers are recommended for trimming down the urethane. Wings on the blade prevent scratching the pinchweld.

11. It is important to trim down the excess epoxy.

12. Apply primer if needed.

13. Applying urethane to the glass could help with aerodynamics and avoiding wind noise.

14. When setting the new windshield, set it a bit higher to make it easier in case of another replacement. Who knows, it could be you again.

15. Re-install the rear view mirror and tighten the screw.

16. The car is now ready for the customer.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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