Training Time January/February 2021

Lexus UX250H Windshield Replacement

By Alfredo Calva

DOT #20

1 The 2020 Lexus UX250H is a new model that debuted in 2019, and it’s becoming very popular. This installation is very similar to a Toyota Highlander.

2 Start with a pre-inspection followed by a pre scan on every vehicle with ADAS features. Start by protecting the vehicle and removing the rear view mirror assembly to compare and confirm the brackets are the same on the replacement windshield. To remove the cover gently push down.

3 To complete removal of the cover, separate the center piece by pushing the tabs on the back. I use my fingernail since I can feel the little tab. Press it in on both sides to release it while the rear view mirror is still attached.

4 Remove the rear view mirror by unscrewing the 20 torx screw. To remove the camera locking bracket, pull on the upper sides of the tabs and slide it up. Next, slide the camera up. If using aftermarket glass, transfer the heater hood cover of the camera bracket of the OE windshield

5 To remove the rain sensor, pull down the lower part of the rain sensor then pry the rain sensor away. Once it is separated, slide it down to unhook it off the bracket.

6 It is now time to start working on the outside of the vehicle. Start by removing the side mouldings. Use your tool of choice to pry open the inner side of the moulding to expose the clips. I like to use a peck tool with a double bend to get behind the small tabs that hold the moulding.

7 This is what it looks like when removing the side moulding.

8 To fi nish removing the side moulding, remove the two clips at the bottom of the moulding located under the hood. Remove them by pushing down on the center of the clip then pry it up.

9 Next, remove the wipers and the cowling, then remove the two clips on each end of the cowling

10 Continue removing the cowling by prying it off the retainer moulding. Start on either side and work your way across.

11 To remove the cowling completely, slide it toward the front of the vehicle to unhook the tabs that hook onto the firewall.

12 It is now time to cut the glass out using your tool of choice. In this replacement there was enough space between the glass and the body to use a hand tool. Use different tools when possible to make it fun and interesting.

13 The lower moulding is sold separately if you are using OE glass. Before installing the moulding to the glass, center it and mark it with a marker then attach it to the glass.

14 Prep the body of the vehicle and the glass according to your adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. In this installation, I applied the urethane and the dam to the body of the vehicle since the windshield had no markings.

15 It is now time to put everything back on. Install the cowling and wipers in reverse order of removal. To install the side mouldings, simply align them over the clips and push down into the clips.

16 Install everything back on the inside of the vehicle. Center the rain sensor pad and install it. Make sure not to contaminate the pad otherwise the rain sensor may not work properly.

17 To reinstall the camera, slide it into the bracket then fit the gray locking bracket and slide it down until the upper tabs of the bracket are locked back in.

18 To install the cover back on, align it and slide it back up then reinstall the center piece.

19 To complete a safe installation, calibration must be performed since the vehicle is equipped with ADAS. Also test that all mechanicals are working properly.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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