Training Time Jan/Feb 2020

2016 Mazda Miata 2-Door Convertible

By Alfredo Calva

DOT # 18
Dealer Part # NA9H63900G

1 What makes this replacement interesting are the upper and two side mouldings, made of hard plastic. The tabs that hold the clips are known to break off if not removed properly or they are simply very brittle from age.

2 Start by doing a pre inspection of the vehicle and a pre-scan since this vehicle is equipped with ADAS. Also test the rain sensor. Next, remove the rain sensor and rear view mirror.

3 Remove the plastic housing cover by plying away from the glass. To dismount the camera, ply away from the top of the camera then slide it up from the bracket.

4 Remove the cover from the A pillar and remove the speaker.

5 Unscrew six torque screws from the upper cover.

6 Remove the cover by plying away.

7 To remove the upper moulding, first remove the 2 10 mm nuts that hold the upper moulding through the inside of the body of the vehicle.

8 Remove the upper moulding from the outside, and start plying away on either end. Keep in mind that the plastic could be very fragile.

9 Next, remove the two side mouldings. Start at the top and remove the top corner clip.

10 Continue to remove the side moulding. It’s easier to save clips if you cut through the thick double-sided tape first! I use the blade from a power cut out tool.

11 To save the bottom clip simply slide the whole moulding down and the clip will retain in the body.

12 Remove the cowling by removing the two end caps followed by two 8 mm screws.

13 Remove the wipers and the clips that hold the lower of the cowling, then slide it out of the bottom of the glass. It is easier if you separate the cowling in half for full removal.

14 It is now time to reinstall everything. Reinstall the camera first in reverse order from removal.

15 Install the new sensor gel and rain sensor.

16 Tighten the rear view mirror back on.

17 Reinstall the two side mouldings and upper mouldings but don’t forget the two 10 mm nuts that hold the upper moulding. Also reinstall the cowling, wipers and screws.

18 Complete the reinstallation of the interior.

19 Lastly, to make this vehicle safe on the road again make sure an ADAS system recalibration is completed.

Alfredo Calva is  the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.|

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