Training Time Jan/Feb 2019

2018 Volkswagen Atlas 4 Door Utility

By Jeff Olive

1 & 2. Today we are working on a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. During our pre-inspection we pointed out the gap in the center of the cowl.

3 & 4. The open areas at each side of the cowl that are cut away from the hood are able to open.

5. The exposed edge glass and lack of moulding was also pointed out to the customer.

6. This vehicle comes equipped with a rain sensor and a land departure warning system camera. Both of these items are mounted to the windshield. Care must be taken when removing these devices. We then confirmed that the replacement windshield was chosen correctly.

7. Now we will get started removing the windshield. First we will remove the wipers and hood seal from the edge of the cowl.

8. Pull the three clips off along the edge of the cowl. Unsnap the cowl from the edge of the windshield and remove the cowl.

9. The rear view mirror and cover concealing camera and rain sensor will be removed next.

10 & 11. The lower cover must be removed first. This cover snaps apart to remove.

12. The upper part of the cover can be removed by prying downward.

13. The mirror is removed by twisting to the left.

14. The camera is removed by pulling downward at the rear of the camera.

15. This vehicle has a heated camera viewing area. Unplug the heating element and rain sensor.

16 & 17. The rain sensor must be removed and reinstalled on the new windshield. During the removal process, the gel pad was lifted causing air bubbles under the gel. Inject new gel under the pad will remove the air. The rain sensor is now ready to be installed on the new windshield.

18. Cut the windshield out using a string tool to avoid damage to the exposed paint.

19. Remove the windshield.

20. Prepare the pinchweld.

21. Properly position and set the windshield in place. Reassemble all items that were removed in reverse order. This vehicle will need to be recalibrated. The manufacturer procedures state that this vehicle needs to be recalibrated on a dealer alignment machine.

Jeff Olive serves as the training manager for Glasspro in Summerville, S.C. He was recognized as the gold medalist in the first Auto Glass Technician Competition in 2005. Olive is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Auto Glass Safety Council.

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