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2017 Mercedes Benz S550

By Alfredo Calva

Vin # WDDUG8CB5HA317437

1 Windshield replacement and recalibration for a 2017 Mercedes Benz S550 can feel like an intimidating job, but it’s actually fairly easy.

2 Before removing any parts, always do a pre-inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle as well as a pre-scan. I prefer to remove the interior parts first to confirm that I have the right windshield. Pry off the sides of the cover to remove it.

3 After separating the cover, the center top piece has to come off in order to completely remove it. Push the plastic tabs gently on the back of the piece and pull it down; this will separate it from the cover.

4 Unhook the tension clip on both sides to remove the rain sensor.

5 After unhooking the sides of the bracket, pry off the top of the rain sensor first and then slide it up.

6 There are two different ways to remove the cameras. I prefer to remove the tension clips with needle-nose pliers, then slide up or push the cameras up and unhook the bottom. Forewarning: This does require some force.

7 When dismounting the camera, it’s easier to use two hands.

8 After dismounting the cameras, unplug the heater connector.

9 Now it’s time to remove the parts under the hood. Start by removing the windshield wipers first, and always take note of the wipers’ park position. A wiper puller may be needed to remove them easily.

10 Remove both side covers by removing the plastic clips. Then remove the passenger side cover; there are additional plastic clips holding the cowling on.

11 To remove the cowling, separate it from the windshield’s retaining moulding. Be gentle, though, as it can break easily.

12 The cowling has drain tubes that need to be disconnected. Be careful not to apply too much force.

13 Pry off the heating element connector from the firewall.

14 To disconnect the heating element connector, first disengage the lock, then push to release.

15 Using an adjustable hood prop rod is very helpful on this type of vehicle. The cowling and wipers can stay under the hood with the hood prop-up.

16 To remove the side mouldings, pry up from the inside of the moulding to avoid breaking clips.

17 To cut out the windshield, I personally use a fiber line cut-out tool since the bonding area of the top of the glass drops down about an inch. Here’s a tip: Use the retaining moulding to guide and hold the fiber line on the bottom of the windshield.

18 Prep the glass and the body of the vehicle in accordance with the urethane manufacturer’s recommendations.

19 Setting blocks are very important for proper decking and to avoid air noise problems due to gaps between side mouldings.

20 Clean the cameras’ viewing window area to ensure an accurate and easy recalibration.

21 Before reinstalling the cameras, plug the heating connector back on. To reinstall the cameras, align them correctly and slide them up, then hook the bottom back on. Reinstall the rain sensor and make sure there are no bubbles between the gel.

22 Align the cover, then push toward the glass to fit it back on. Align the center piece and push it back into place.

23 Reinstall the exterior parts in the reverse order of removal. Make sure everything is flush with the body and the glass and in the right position.

24 To finalize this replacement, the cameras have to be recalibrated in order to return the vehicle safely back to the road. Also, perform a post-inspection and test all components.

Alfredo Calva is the president of Alfredo’s Auto Glass in Corona, Calif.

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