Top Auto Glass Retailers 2019

National Chains Claim Top Spots but Regional and Local Players Still a Driving Force

The 2020 ranking of the nation’s Top Automotive Glass Retailers (the last one was published in 2018), proves that yes, the big are getting bigger, but regional, local and state players continue to hold their own in an impressive way.

Belron, the owner of Safelite in the U.S. and several large multi-location chains in Canada, comes in as the top retailer by a large margin.

2018’s No. 2-ranked company JN Phillips was recently purchased by top company Safelite, moving Boyd Group up to the second ranking.

Clairus Group, a newcomer to the list, was established since our last Top Retailers article and quickly grabbed a spot near the top thanks to its widely established group of brands, particularly in Canada. These are led by PH Vitres D’Autos and include numerous other brands in North America.

All top-four retailers, including Binswanger Glass, are national companies. But from five on, the list includes a mix of mostly regional, statewide and local retailers.

Several top retailers climbed the list thanks to significant sales increases over the two-year period between editions. SafePro Auto Glass in Phoenix, Ariz., jumped to No. 7 after increasing sales by more than 50%. K&K Glass, with locations throughout Florida, moved up to the eighth spot with a more-than 40% jump in sales.

The Method Behind the List

In AGRR’s Top Automotive Glass Retailers in the United States and Canada, the rankings are based on annual retail sales. To create it, AGRR reached out to all the companies we identified as a potential “Top 100” for sales figures and other information. In cases where the information was provided, we used it. Companies without an asterisk by their name have reviewed and verified the listed information. Companies with an asterisk were sent their information to review but neither confirmed nor denied figures. In these cases AGRR magazine editors and researchers estimated key indicators including annual retail sales.

In cases where companies offer services in addition to automotive glass, such as collision and residential glass, we estimated what part of those sales pertained to their retail non-installation automotive glass sales. Repair-only companies are not included. Revenues from claims administration are excluded as well.

85% of top retailers say they offer calibration services.

An average of 49% of the top retailers’ work is insurance related.

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