Tool Talk July/August 2019

The Tools “I Can’t Live Without”

AGRR magazine readers want to know about the must have tools you use every day. In this issue, three auto glass repair and replacement technicians share the tools they can’t live without. All of the companies offer both repair and replacement services. Send your favorites to for inclusion in a future issue.

Suzanne Allan
Owner and Founder, Allans Glass Company, Round Rock, Texas

“My probe—I use it to clean out the glass and debris from the impact point. It’s like an extra set of eyes. I use it on every job every day.”

TJ Tirado
Owner, Windshield Fitters Inc., Houston, Texas, Three Locations

“I love the kits from GlasWeld and Delta Kits. The ones from GlasWeld are easy to use, and require less drilling. I started in the industry using Delta Kits and they are simple to use and easy to clean.”

“When I started in the industry I wasn’t trained properly and never wore gloves. Eight years later I noticed I started to have bumps and rashes, and thought the resin could possibly be burning me from the inside out. Using the foam from Derma Shield is great for your hands.”

David Packer
Owner, 1st Class Auto Glass, Kasson, Minn.

“The GT Tools Final Cut Auto Glass Cut Out Tool. It’s well made. The other tool I can’t live without is the ProSet. My sets are better. My back doesn’t hurt as much. It makes installing so much easier.”GT Tools says the Final Cut is built on a precision-machined, 6061 aircraft aluminum body with a 6-inch suction cup plat-form, and makes quick work of windshields, quarter glass, or back glass.

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