Tips and Tricks Jan/Feb 2020

Lane Departure

AGRR magazine launches this new department where technicians can share helpful tips and information with their peers. The following advice on how to determine if the F-150 is equipped with Lane Departure Warning comes courtesy of Kris Griffin from Calibrators of the Carolinas. “Even calling the dealership with the VIN will not distinguish whether or not this vehicle has Lane Departure,” said Griffin.

First, here is the NAGS Description: DW02493-(W/Molding Attached) (A-Pillar; Cam Bracket) (CCC-Compliant) (W/Lane Departure Warning) (Active Brake Assist) (High Beam Assist)

“There is an easy way of differentiating if it has Lane Departure and that is the button below the shifter,” said Griffin. “On these trucks, the camera is the same as one that has Lane Departure and it is only enabled via software and the switch. So a best practice on these is asking a driver if they have buttons below the console mounted shifter.”

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