The Showroom November/December 2019

Best New Products

Irion-America Launches XP-Delta Caulking Gun

Irion-America, LLC, manufacturer of the Delta Caulking Gun, introduced its new XP technology, which the company says is ideal for trade professionals. When set to a 12:1 thrust ratio the gun dispenses standard materials such as acrylic, latex and silicone caulks or similar compounds with ease. When switched to a 25:1 thrust ratio, the gun becomes ideal for dispensing thicker adhesives and is perfect when working in cold weather, according to the company.
The XP-Delta offers several additional features including a rubber-coated handle and trigger, antirust/scratch proof barrel, rotary carriage/ladder hook and tough and durable catch plate. The drip control technology can be turned on and off with your thumb and when on the gun becomes completely drip free. It is compatible with 10 ounce or 310 ml cartridges.
“With a small movement the thrust ratio changes from
12:1 to 25:1, perfect for everyone working with high and low viscous materials,” said Thomas Irion, CEO.

Autel Pushes Out New Software Update

A new software update is available for Autel key programming tool models IM608, IM508, IM600 and IM100. Some functions may require the XP400, not included with the IM100 and IM508. Tools with an active software subscription can download the update including
new features for 19 Mercedes models, various BMW and VW Audi models as well.
The company also introduced its new MA6000, a new MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration System which is extremely portable. For more on that product, see page 34.

Equalizer Offers Subscription Box Service

The subscription box has now hit the auto glass industry as Equalizer has partnered with
Arsenal, a new quarterly subscription service which features a wide array of Equalizer products. The Arsenal Box includes unique, themebased gifts and products. In addition to popular auto glass tools, gifts related to the theme for the quarter will be included.
“We are so thrilled to be partnering with Arsenal to get some of our best selling products into the hands of customers in a new and exciting way,” says Shauna Davis, global sales director. “We love the different items that come in the Arsenal box and we are excited to give subscribers a firsthand look on new product samples and information on products that will be coming to market soon.”
“Equalizer prides itself not only on our quality products and services but we also bring the fun to the auto glass world and know that every subscriber is going to love being an Arsenal member,” she adds. The box is just $100 per quarter and each box will be valued over $250 and carry up to 10 products.

Fas-Break Adopts AirPro Diagnostics

Fas-Break, Inc. (FasBreak) recently adopted AirPro Diagnostics’ technology and services
platform. According to Fas-Break, it will distribute AirPro technologies and services to its network of auto glass centers throughout the United States.
“We are pleased that Fas-Break will help lead the glass industry with our one-of-a-kind world class service and technology using AirPro’s live diagnostic and calibration services performed by our uniquely-skilled, remote diagnosticians,” said Frank LaViola, AirPro sales vice president.
Fas-Break will also offer AGRR repairers’ AirPro’s ORION cloud based geo-redundant diagnostic management system, which allows simple, streamlined interaction for shops to view all their data in one easy-to-use application, according to the company.


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