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Windshield coatings

44Tools: Rain Clear

Rain Clear, a nano-protective treatment that seals the surface of the auto glass to repel water, sleet and snow, is available from 44Tools. After application, wet weather visibility is in-creased by 34 percent, along with improved clarity and reduced night glare and reflections. Rain Clear, a hydrophobic windshield coating, even deflects small road debris such as dirt, is 23 percent more resistant to wear from repetitious wiper abrasion and 32 percent more scratch resistant to wear from repetitious wiper abrasion, according to the company.

Diamon-Fusion International: Hydrophobic Coatings

Diamon-Fusion offers three different low maintenance hydrophobic coatings that can be used on windshields. They offer Diamon-Fusion, Diamon-Fusion Ultra and Clear-Fusion Pro. Each coating requires no cure time, and seals the glass with silica based coating to protect from water, sleet, snow and dirt, according to the company. Each coating comes with a warranty, and promises to promote an eco-friendly environment because of the decreased need for cleaners when using one of these products.

Glass Technology Inc: Liquid Diamond Shield

Glass Technology Inc. has a hydrophobic coating called Liquid Diamond Shield available to the industry. This coating protects wind-shields for up to six months by repelling both water and stains, according to the company. The coating is available in 8- and 32 ounce bottle sizes.

Glassparency: Glassparency Coating

Glassparency is a chemically engineered hydrophobic coating made to react to silica within the glass to repel water and dirt, according to the company. The product was made to perform in wet, dry, Arctic and garage climates and comes with a three year warranty. The coating goes beyond repelling water, and makes for the ultimate windshield coating. In arctic environments, the coating not only repels snow and sleet, but allows for a faster defrost time, the company adds. In dry and garage climates, the coating allows for an easy to clean surface, and repels dirt and road debris.

Rain-X: Original Glass Water Repellent

Rain-X offers its original glass water repellent for wind-shields. This hydrophobic coating improves visibility in the elements, and helps remove frost, ice, salt, mud and bugs from the windshield. The coating is available in in 16-, 7-, 3.5-ounce sizes and 10-count wipes.

Carlex: VistaClear Pro

Carlex says its VistaClearPro is not just another glass treatment. This company describes its hydrophobic coating as one that repels rain, dirt, bugs and more for up to one year with just a single application. The Teflon brand non-stick technology helps keep windshields (and all glass) cleaner, allowing drivers better visibility in wet weather conditions, day or night, according to the company. Additional benefits include the fact that one application lasts up to 12 months while offering improved clarity and increased visibility.


Cutting in Reverse

The Reverse Bend Paint Protection Blade design from Ultra Wiz Tools is an UltraThin blade which is bent in the reverse direction of a regular cold knife blade. This allows technicians to cut down and away from the glass and any encapsulation, rather than up towards the glass. Tilting the blade back while cutting allows it to not dig into, or damage encapsulated glass or underside mouldings, according to the company. With the added insurance of the Nylon coating on the Coated Re-verse Bend Blades, scratching is no longer a concern when used properly, the company adds.

Glass And Glazing

Several New Automotive Glass Products For Glass Manufacturers

Şişcam Automotive, an automotive glass manufacturer, aims for its new products to be used across the globe. Towards the end of 2018 the company exhibited 18 of its new advanced technology products that are de-signed for automotive industry suppliers. Some of the company’s new products include double glazing, encapsulated glass, windshields, and door and rear windows. The company currently has automotive glass manufacturing plants in 4 countries.

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