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Autel Shows How Intelligent ADAS Is

Autel US has introduced the IA800, Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning six-camera accessory pack-age for use with its Standard ADAS Calibration frame. The company says the system reduces the set up time involved in frame to vehicle positioning prior to ADAS component calibration.

The cameras attach easily to the standard calibration frame and the IA800 package also includes four-wheel clamps with camera targets, standing targeting component, and optical positioning software up-date for the user’s existing MaxiSYS tablet.

The IA800 is touted by the company for making the frame-to-vehicle positioning process quicker and more precise by eliminating the need for mechanical measuring tools such as reflectors, plumb bobs and measuring tape. Added value to the system is its alignment “PreCheck” capability that uses the IA800’s camera system and targeted wheel clamps attached to all four wheels to determine the vehicle’s current alignment specifications and compare them with the vehicle manufacturer’s allowed tolerances. The tablet, placed securing on the frame, is paired with the cameras.

Autel has released a video illustrating the new technology with its positioning accuracy and efficiency. The video can be found on the Autel Youtube channel, AutelTools.

CalPro Launches ADAS IdentiScan

CalPro ADAS Solutions has launched its new ADAS IdentiScan product, which it says delivers detailed information and guidance to collision shops to efficiently and effectively manage the estimation and repair process by identifying the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and required calibrations. CalPro says ADAS IdentiScan is the easiest, fastest and most-advanced ADAS identification tool available to auto body repair professionals.

John Bean Stays On Point

John Bean says its Tru-Point one-stop ADAS calibration solution uses advanced camera technology, targets and top-of-the-line software to uncover any alignment problems the vehicle might have so users can perform a perfect ADAS calibration.

Tru-Point™ creates a three-dimensional model of the vehicle and the area around it to provide users with a complete analysis of the vehicle alignment condition in less than a minute, according to the company. This also helps users avoid wasting time and money performing repairs without confirmation that the vehicle is within OEM specification before an ADAS recalibration occurs.

The company says Tru-Point™ works with any ADAS-capable scan tool to complete the calibration process, though John Bean recommends that for the most robust features and comprehensive, market-leading ADAS coverage, Snap-on® diagnostics scan tools.

The system also offers support of remote assistance diagnostic tools allows for further expansion of your shop’s calibration capabilities, especially when working on newer model vehicles.


PGW Offers a Game Changer

Rolladeck Industry’s Game Changer is a battery-powered tool packed with versatile features that allow for cutout of any piece of glass, regardless of condition. Offered by PGW Autoglass, the company says this versatile tool can pull both metal or fiber line without the need for suction cups, producing an optimal cutting angle for simple, quick and safe removal of challenging bonded auto glass.


Mopar® Provides Competitive Edge with Versatile Training

For companies looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, Mopar’s Certified Glass Installer Program delivers training jointly developed by I-CAR and Mopar for glass repair and replacement. Supported by I-CAR’s curriculum and tools, the program includes marketing (digital, mailers, flyers, posters, shop locator services, customer referrals), direct access to repair resources and discounts for TechAuthority—FCA’s library of service information.


Sunroof Express Expands Line to Include 2021 Model-Year Vehicles

Sunroof Express, suppliers of new and reconditioned sunroof glass, has added to its inventory of sunroof glass replacement panels and related assembly parts by expanding its line to include 2021 model-year vehicles.

Sunroof Express said customers can receive several benefits by registering online, including exclusive discounts, special email and online-only offers and access to a comprehensive selection of products. The company also said their wholesale division offers knowledgeable telephone service representatives to answer questions surrounding pricing, service and technical installation details


GGG has the Classics Covered

GGG is a supplier of high-quality products to the automotive glass and restoration industries. The company offers a comprehensive product line ranging from part specific and universal mouldings for the auto glass replacement market, to products for automotive glass manufacturers, as well as specialty products developed specifically for the restoration industry. GGG also offers a wide range of sundry items such as sensor pads and gels, tapes, butyl, wiper blades and tools – each designed for the auto glass professional and to exceed OEM tolerances.


DuPont is a Betaforce™ to Be Beaten

DuPont Mobility & Materials’ Betaforce 2800 TC thermally conductive structural adhesives won a silver Edison Award in the Sustainability category.

DuPont collaborated closely with Audi to develop the bonding material it describes as supporting super-fast charging for the Audi e-tron. The company says Betaforce 2800 TC thermal-conductive 2K adhesives support the rapidly growing vehicle electrification space. These adhesives are marketed as significantly reducing the number of components needed for battery pack assembly, optimizing cost for battery pack design. Additionally, Betaforce TC allows for the fast dispensing needed to support high-volume production, DuPont says.

Betaforce 2800 TC thermally conductive structural adhesives were chosen as the 2021 silver award winner by a panel of judges comprised of more than 3,000 senior business executives and academics. Award nominees must represent “game changing” products as well as excellence and leadership in innovation for concept, value, delivery and impact.

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