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Best New Products

Sika—Booth #125

SikaForce-315 is a super-fast setting, high strength, polyurethane adhesive de-signed to offer a single product solution for bonding most small components such as mouldings, clips, rearview mirror tabs, side view mirrors, cowl pins, door glass, and more, according to the company. Exhibiting excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, the company says the product de-livers fast, durable bonding of parts in minutes with minimal surface pre-treatment.Packaged conveniently in 25 ml syringe-style cartridges supplied with static mixer nozzles, SikaForce-315 offers easy, precise 2-component dispensing by hand without the need for an applicator gun.

Mainstreet Computers—Booth #403

Belleville, Mich.’s Mainstreet Computers will be at Auto Glass Week, with several new programs and opportunities in tow. Among the things the company offers is the Mainstreet Glas-Avenue 10.0, which allows companies to manage auto glass repair and replacement jobs in a true browser-based Web App for use on any device and current browser. Level ten offers what the company calls enhanced features of scripting and EDI data analysis increase the accuracy of ordered glass and a new texting capability for better communication with customers. Users can quote, order glass, create purchase orders and then schedule, invoice and manage accounting within the app.Then there’s MobilePro FOR iOS, an iOS version of its Mobile-PRO tech app, that the company is dropping this fall. The convenience of operating the app on any Android or iOS mobile device, including iPhones and iPads, gives glass shops more flexibility to make use of this powerful, paperless tool. The iOS version has all same features as the Android and all documentation captured on the app syncs back to the Glas-Avenue Point of Sale.

Precision Replacement Parts—Booth #300

Auto glass installers can replace nearly any damaged or faded cowl end with Precision’s new Cowl End Kits, now with what the company calls improved UV resistance. New kits cover GMC trucks from 1999-2006, Ford F-150s from 2004-2008, ten years of the Toyota Tacoma (2005-2015), later models of the Toyota Tundra (2014-2019) and the Toyota Sienna (2011-2014), and later models of both the Subaru Forester (2014-2018) and Impreza (2017-2019).

Calls on Call Receptionist Services – Booth #506

What would you do with more time in the day? Calls on Call can help you answer incoming calls and get your leads scheduled. The company says you can then spend more time doing things that make you money or give you the freedom you always wanted.

Autel—Booth #111Autel has released digital versions of its product catalogs. The Full Tool Catalog, TPMS Catalog and ADAS-focused 12 page brochure can now be viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Files of the catalogs can be shared and down-loaded, facilitating communication between sales reps and customers about Autel products.The catalog features the best and most re-cent of all Autel product lines, including separate spreads for ADAS and other tools. The TPMS Catalog has a split focus on the Autel TPMS service tools, as well tire sensors and other TPMS accessories.

DuPont—Booth #128

Two new aftermarket products, BETASEAL Ex-press+ and BETAPRIME CLEAR Advanced Primer, will be showcased by DuPont Transportation and Industrial during Auto Glass Week.

By incorporating DuPont’s exclusive RPM technology, BETASEAL™ Express+ builds on the bold formulation of the popular BETASEAL Express to deliver a value-priced, HMNC, 60-minute mini-mum drive away time advanced cure adhesive with performance features that technicians de-sire, according to the company.

It is available in 310 ml cartridges, 600 ml sausages and in G-EZKits.

BETAPRIME™ CLEAR Advanced 1-Step Glass /Frit Primer is formulated to provide a 2 minute flash option, down to 0°F, for the RPM-driven BETASEAL Express+. It is only available as a component in BETASEAL™ Express+ G-EZKits.

BETAPRIME™ CLEAR Advanced is only compatible with BETASEAL™ Express+.

The PipeKnife Company—Booth #525

The PipeKnife Company expanded its product offerings by purchasing the line of Frost Fighter Tab Bonding Repair Kits. The company says that the Frost Fighter 2000 is the only authorized re-pair solution for GM and Chrysler/Fiat as detailed in their respective repair bulletins. The product line includes the Tab Bonding Repair Kit, Grid Repair Kit, Individual Tab Replacements Kits and various Master Repair Kits. Also in 2019, The PipeKnife Company licensed four tools from VD-K.TOOLS including the QuickSet one-person setting tool.

Mygrant Glass—Booth #523

Stop by the Mygrant Glass booth and you will learn about new offerings the company has added to better support its customers. Mygrant now has OEM dealer parts available at several branches. This includes Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Volvo and other high-end, OEM logoed glass. The company distributes and supports calibration equipment from Autel and is a source for classic and exotic auto glass parts.

A.N. Designs, Inc./UltraWiz—Booth 129

A.N. Designs/UltraWiz will intro-duce the brand new UltraReach Cold Knife. The UltraReach 3055-K is a fully adjustable cold knife with no cable. Just loosen the two thumbscrews for multiple options; from 9- to 12 inches and a 45-degree offset position for clearance. Ball plungers for multiple positions and easy blade changes are also available, according to the company.

Nano Liquid—Booth #504

Nano Liquid Glass Protector is a new innovative product that improves the performance of glass, according to Nano Liquid. Glare while driving at night and in the rain is reduced by as much as 34%. Windshields become more impact resistant, helping to prevent scratch-es and chips that lead to costly replacements, according to the company. This hydrophobic formula makes the surface of the glass so slick that bugs, snow, ice, and rain are whisked away easily. Not only is this product an easy add on to any windshield replacement or window film installation but there is an optional warranty avail-able to sell your customers, which can provide company owners with a new revenue stream.

Flexline—Booth #314

Flexline will return with its Side Moulding Kit, which is compatible with side moulding for 2014-2018 Ford Escapes. This is just the lat-est in quality back window side moulding kits the company offers.

Gold Glass—Booth #107

Gold Glass Group knows what’s up and is helping AGR technicians stay current with ADAS changes when it comes to repairs and replacement. Visitors will see just what they offer in that capacity, such as the GGS 901 Gel, which is a gel-filed sensor lens replacement, which offers “top viscosity properties and surface tension to form a convex shape” for “the best cohesive contact between the lens and glass surface. GGS 901 cures in six minutes at 70 degrees F and is billable with a NAGS number.

The company also offers two different kinds of pads: GGS 701 and 702 transparent camera replacement pads; and GGS 601 and 602 translucent rain sensor pads. The 701 and 702 are made for use when replacing the windshield, to enforce a successful ADAS calibration, while the 601 and 602 are made from silicone to provide bubble-free installation on glass and be resistant to dust, grease, finger prints and the like, according to the company.

Gold Glass group also offers the GTOOL 805 Volvo Camera Alignment tool, to level the camera positioning bracket used in conjunction with proper and complete manufacturing calibration procedures. It allows for the correct leveling of the camera unit while in the bracket after installation and applies to several Volvo camera systems from 2016 onward.

And staying true to its roots, GGS provides replacement wiper blades, including GGB Beam Blades, replacement wiper blades for OEM Beam Blades.

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