Showroom November/December 2022

The SEMA Showcase

The 2022 SEMA Show is nearly here, and a few auto glass repair and replacement companies will display their latest and greatest products and services. The show is scheduled to be held from November 1- 4 in Las Vegas.

Lifting Devices

Balanced Replacement By Equalizer— Booth #33197

The Equalizer Sentinel is designed to help alleviate auto glass technicians’ struggles with lifting heavy glass by doing the heavy lifting for them. The Sentinel enables one technician to efficiently remove and replace a variety of auto glass.

Using hydraulic power and 10-inch vacuum cups with PowerPumps, users can move the glass in several directions and adjust angles to get the right position in lifting or setting glass. Counterweights stabilize the Sentinel so that every removal/installation has adequate support.


Advanced Alignment By Autel—Booth #41199

The MaxiSYS IA900WA is a combination, two-in-one wheel alignment and ADAS calibration frame system. Software includes illustrated alignment instructions, live readings, required tools and adjustment locations display. Alignment coverage is available for U.S., Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer. Robotic frame movement provides efficient use and alignment reading accuracy to 0.02 degrees for precise alignments.


Techniques for Technicians By Delta Kits—Booth #34037

The first step to using your windshield repair system is to learn the basics. Delta Kits’ Crash Course Training provides basic knowledge for new users. The training is interactive, informational, and hands-on. During this one-hour training, participants will learn how to set the proper expectation for themselves and the customer, the correct windshield repair techniques and the ins and outs of insurance billing for a windshield repair.

Repair Systems

A Roaring Repair Tool By Panther Pro—Booth #35276

The D.A.R.T Blue Windshield Repair System is the latest windshield repair system from Duobond. The D.A.R.T Blue injector gives a high level of vacuum and pressure. The kit contains an easy-to-use bridge, a cordless UV LED lamp, resins and finishing polishes.

The Prep-Clean product cleans, de-humidifies and primes the impact so that it is ready for repair is also included.

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