Showroom November/December 2018


Clear Coating Blocks All Ultraviolet Rays

MetaShield LLC has launched MetaShield400, a fully transparent coating that blocks ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths up to 400 nanometers (nm), which includes both UV-A and UV-B rays. The proprietary nano-enabled formula is applied to glass easily, according to the company.

The company states its MetaShield400 formula blocked 99.9 percent of all UV-A and UV-B rays while maintaining 91 percent optical clarity in lab testing. In the company’s additional independent testing, the MetaShield400 coating was exposed to the two-year equivalent of accelerated solar UV exposure using the ASTM Standard of G155 for Extended UV Exposure, and the coating successfully protected multiple glass samples without noticeable yellowing.

Nelson Glass Tools

Quarter Glass Meets Its Match

Nelson Glass Tools launched its Glass Bot QuarterMaster this fall. It’s designed to be attached to the quarter glass from the exterior and utilize its winding spool. According to the company it cuts adhesive and setting pins quickly. This product was made without plastic parts, which the company aims for years of uninterrupted service of the QuarterMaster.

AirPro Diagnostics

Repairing Communities with Mobile FieldPro Device

AirPro Diagnostics (APD) launched its new FieldPro mobile scanning tool. It’s a pocket size tool that serves as a wireless link between a damaged vehicle and the insurance field appraiser. After connecting to the vehicle, the FieldPro downloads a list of modules along with any corresponding codes. Then it uploads the results through a cell phone app to APD where a report is prepared by the company’s technicians. Referencing OEM service information, a cost estimate and description of any needed or required diagnostics, calibrations or safety system programming services are highlighted in a report immediately sent to the field appraiser for a more accurate and reliable appraisal, according to the company. A permanent copy of the data and report is accessible and retained by APD in its cloud-based ORION management system for future access.

Delta Kits

No Cords Needed Thanks to the Elite Plus

Delta Kits, Inc. shows off its Elite Plus, a cordless UV-LED curing light for windshield repair technicians. The Elite Plus guarantees a 2.5 inch by 5.5 inch area with its 7 inline – 8W high-power Light Emitting Diodes (LED), according to the company.

It can also produce uniform, high-intensity light at a 365 nm wavelength, while being lightweight and completely portable. What sets the Elite Plus apart from the original Elite is the new cordless design and rechargeable, removable battery. It provides up to 50 repairs and can be fully re-charged in 70 minutes, according to the company.

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