Showroom May/June 2022


Drive Away With DINOL

DINOL launched an upgraded 30-minute safe-drive-away, glass bonding adhesive dubbed Dinitrol 9100 HD to replace the Dinitrol 9100. The latest version includes optimal decking, viscosity, and holding strength, according to the company. It is also high modulus, non-conductive, and available in 310 ml wide mouth cartridges as
well as 600 ml foil wrap packaging.

SRP’s Primerless Product in Prime Time

SRP Products’ VelocityProV+, a primerless to glass adhesive product, employs quick minimum drive away times (MDAT) in temperatures as low as 20°F. VelocityProV+ has successfully passed simulated crash tests in various climatic circumstances, delivering between a 60 and 120 minute MDAT depending on relative humidity and temperature.

SRP’s Velocity lineup consists of Velocity050 and Velocity247 primers; Velocity30, Velocity60, and VelocityProV+ urethane adhesives; and the company’s contamination remover—Velocity100CR.


The Jeep Life

Jeep owners ride roughly, but Corning Gorilla Glass composes Mopar’s adventure-proof windshields. The products are tougher and more resistant to chips and cracks than standard windshield glass, according to the company. Available applications include 2007-2018 JK Jeep Wrangler vehicles and 2019-2021 JL Jeep Wranglers and JT Jeep Gladiators.

Auto Glass Removal

Level the Playing Field

The Equalizer Raptor is a cord-and-wire auto glass removal device designed
to improve the power of the vacuum cup with the integration of its AirForce Constant Vacuum Cups, according to the company. Equalizer developed the technology to facilitate a speedy placement and constant vacuum to the glass, allowing the Raptor to stay in place and resist sliding. The product does not require pumping and includes a low-profile design, quick charging, and extended battery life.


Glowing Glass

Burco’s Window-Glo is a professional-strength glass and multi-surface cleaner. The product is safe and effective on all surfaces, including plastic, rubber, chrome and carpet. It also cuts grease and oil and is quick-drying and non-streaking, according to the company. Window-Glo is available in 8oz, 32oz, one gallon and five-gallon sizes.


Moving with Mainstreet

Mainstreet released updates and improvements to the software suite and mobile tech app MobilePro. Most recently is a version specifically for iOS devices where auto glass professionals can perform critical business functions on the go: scanning VIN’s, completing pre/post inspections, accessing document data for Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) compliance, and upselling other miscellaneous items and services to customers.

Calibrating with Confidence

Pilkington Opti-Aim’s next-generation Zenith Z5 tablet includes diagnostic software programmed with technicians in mind, according to the company. The tablet’s coverage is further enhanced with the Z5s remote calibration option. It can be used as a ‘Pass-Thru’ device, allowing users to calibrate new model vehicles when they roll off the lot via original equipment (OE) software.

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