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SikaTack® MACH-30 XV: High-Velocity Meets Optimized Viscosity Sika Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of SikaTack® MACH-30 XV, a new premium performance, cold-applied, 30-minute Minimum Drive-Away Time (MDAT) Auto Glass Replacement (AGR) adhesive. Formulated with enhanced thixotropic properties for superior decking, glass-slip, and cut-off string, SikaTack® MACH-30 XV will serve as the new and improved successor to the original SikaTack® MACH 30. It will also be packaged in new wide mouth cartridges and nozzles for easier dispensing, according to the company.

SikaTack® MACH-30 XV is non-conductive, all-in-one modulus and can be applied from 0-120°F. The product is available in 300 ml cartridges and 465 ml unipacks.

Meet VelocityProV+

SRP has expanded its portfolio by launching VelocityProV+, its first-ever primerless to glass adhesive in the Velocity lineup. This is a new product formulation with a high performance and stable drive away time, the company says. Designed to simplify aftermarket installations, the product is easy to use with high initial viscosities and superior decking properties, according to SRP.

SRP Velocity identified a primerless to glass segment that lacked performance and wanted to provide installers with an adhesive that has a stable drive away time. In early conversations, SRP collaborated with its urethane manufacturer, NPT, on ways to improve its offering of auto glass adhesives to the industry. The product is a high viscosity, one-part, primerless to glass adhesive suitable for large windshields. With an electrical resistance of 105, VelocityProV+ is suitable for some applications that require “non-conductive” adhesive. The new technology offers an effortless marriage of performance and convenience without sacrifice, ideal for mobile and in-shop installations.


Bosch and Mitchell Introduce New Static ADAS Calibration Target System

Mitchell International (Mitchell) and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions (Bosch) announced the availability of the MD-TS21, which is a new computer-based target system. It is designed to allow repair facilities to quickly and precisely calibrate front-facing cameras, blind-spot monitors and radar sensors in popular automobile models with ADAS.

The MD-TS21 uses Bosch’s vehicle coverage, patented technology and industrial-grade digital cameras to measure the distance and angles of targets in relation to the vehicle automatically. With the help of guided lasers, technicians can adjust the target board and radar reflector positioning in minutes, without the need for plumb bobs, tape measures and mirrors. The system, according to the company, is controlled by the MD-500 wireless tablet and its positioning software that is designed to reduce errors and improve calibration efficiency.

The wireless tablet combines Bosch’s hardware and diagnostics expertise with the mobility of Mitchell’s cloud-based software—including Mitchell Cloud Estimating and its Integrated Repair Procedures.

Windshield Glass

Corning’s Gorilla Glass Provides Strengthened Windshield

The last thing customers should worry about is needing a new windshield. Damage can happen anywhere, anytime without warning and Mopar says it has a way to help protect your customers. A Mopar windshield made with Corning Gorilla Glass can be offered the next time a customer’s windshield needs replacing, the company notes.

Mopar says it’s the lightweight, durable glass that utilizes the same strengthening technology as cell phone screens. Mopar’s Corning Gorilla Glass windshields help minimize the need for costly repairs, and have been validated in testing.

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