Showroom Mar/Apr 2020

Best New Products


Autel Expanding Calibration Package

Autel has released the new ADAS-CAL2 expansion package, compatible with the both of the company’s Standard Frame and Portable MA600 ADAS Calibrations systems. Seven new components allow users vehicle calibration coverage for Around View Monitoring (AVM), Rear Collision Warning (RCW), LaneWatch and radar systems for select manufacturers. The ADASCAL2 includes the new floor patterns for Toyota AVM, Mitsubishi AVM and Nissan RCW. The Toyota AVM pattern contains 26 separate strips to create coverage for model-specific foor patterns. A Hitachi Radar Plate, Honda LaneWatch target and accompanying Target Stand are also included.


Raptor Dramatically Improves Vacuum Capabilities

The Equalizer Raptor is a cord/wire auto glass removal device designed from the ground-up to improve the power of the vacuum cup dramatically with the integration of the company’s AirForce Constant Vacuum Technology. AirForce has been specifically developed by Equalizer to keep constant vacuum on the glass so that the Raptor stays where you place it and it resists sliding better than any product of its kind, the company says. The cord and wire removal method decreases the chance of damaging the body, and the Raptor makes that process effortless. This removal tool is easy to train on and will keep you labor in shop while increasing labor hours, the company adds. The Raptor also reduces sublets and cycle time.


Won’t You Be My Partner: Tecglass and Cugher

Tecglass and Cugher have finalized agreements for a new technical-sales partnership aimed at providing the automotive industry with complete, highly automated, precise lines for mass production.Tecglass’ array of custom-engineered products in the automotive field complements Cugher, a glass industry manufacturer, strengthening the latter’s position as a supplier of complete turn-key systems for printing on glass. Together, the two companies are focusing on delivering highly automated, precise, integrated screen printing and digital decoration lines that ensure the fastest speeds, high print quality, reliable results and high energy standards to optimize production costs and investments.

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