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Glass Inspection System
All About the Frit

Printscan is an in-line inspection system by German manufacturer Isra Vision that provides automatic, optical, 100 percent in-line inspection of silkscreen printing processes applied to automotive glass and reliable detection of screen printing defects on automotive glass. Automated optical inspection means defects are identified before they can compromise the appearance of new cars. The system inspects both decorative color applications and functional layers such as heating conductors in rear windows.

Screenprinting in the automotive industry is subject to demands of both technical aspects and visual appearance. The system will scan for missing points–those that have run together, ink splashes and unwanted prints. The position and completeness of the logo within the lite is also checked.

The system alerts the user of repeating defects and allows systematic defects to be differentiated from dirt particles.The system also offers tools that provide logging and reporting to produce validated quality and the graphical user interface shows real-time information of the print quality during production. An automatic warning signal alerts users to serious errors.

Sika Flexin’ with P2G Line

Sika is marketing its Sikaflex P2G PLUS and Sikaflex P2G as cost effective, primerless-to-glass, high viscous polyurethane adhesives designed for use in replacing direct glazed automotive glass parts. Both products are cold-applied and are said to exhibit improved adhesion to moldings. Sikaflex P2G PLUS offers a three hour Minimum-Drive-Away-Time(MDAT) while Sikaflex P2G has a six hour MDAT. Both products are packaged with wide mouth cartridges and long straight nozzles. Sikaflex P2G PLUS and Sikaflex P2G are available in 300 ml cartridges of 600 ml unipacks.

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