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Master Kit for All You Wise Cracks

South African Wise Cracks is offering its Master Kit for “all-in-one convenience.” Described as “robust,” the kit was created for heavy commercial use and, according to the company, provides consistent repair quality. The kit also offers two bridges for increased productivity while minimizing the over use and wastage of resin, as well as a 15 second UV light cure time.

Are You Using the New Wonder Bar?

Ultra Bond’s new Crack Master tool with Wonder bar(s) can be configured into six different tools.

As a bridge, it can repair star-breaks with resin as high as 200 cps, slide and straddle long cracks, and it can be used with Ultra Bond’s Star Leg Flexor II.

The tool can be split apart to make a Long Crack Slider and a Crack Opener, or a Star Leg Flexor I and a Single Bar Chip Repair Tool, or two long Crack Openers. It also has a pointed tip at one end for use as a Probe.


Autel Software Takes it to the Max

Autel’s Maxisys provides auto authentication via an independent trust for OEMs, tool vendors, and service shops, the company says. With Secure Gateway Access, users can unlock SGW Module on 2017+ Chrysler and Fiat vehicles. It offers diagnostics, clear codes, bi-directional functions, active tests, and provides ADAS calibration. Shops can register through AutoAuth’s Internet-based portal via their tablet’s browser or their computer. The shop then registers its Autel tablets on the site. An annual $50 fee covers up to six users, with a $2 fee for each additional user; and up to 100 tablets can be registered. The software is now available to all North American market tablets with active software subscriptions, can purchase a Total Care Program software and warranty renewal through their authorized Autel dealer.

Inspection Tools

Glasstech Solves the Complex

Since the introduction of Glasstech’s AGI-T transmitted optical distortion measurement system, the company says the development of technology that can measure the entire surface of complex-shaped glass to gauge glass to industry standards has continued. Now, technology is capable of quantifying the reflective optical characteristics, all of the same system.

AGI-G/R, is capable of measuring typical backlites or windshields as fast as 22 seconds, including glass handling and can be integrated with AGI-T to provide a complete quality report for a part, including glass shape to design, and both transmission and reflective optical distortion levels.

The technology revolutionizes glass inspection by:
• Lowering the cost to gauge parts by replacing multiple probe checking systems with a single glass support structure;
• Providing more meaningful shape information;
•Using a single system for the management of shape and reflective optics; and
•Integrating into a production line or used in a laboratory setting.


Get Conductive With Silver digital Ink

Dip-Tech has released its Conductive Silver digital ink (CASS_0777), a lead-free silver composition that can be directly applied to standard conductive coating (ITO) on glass. It provides a solution for printing heating grids, bus bars and other conductive pads and contacts.

Used with Drip-Tech NEraV printers, the ink enables the application of conductive lines on glass with what the company says is precise positioning and high speed.

The printed ink layer is cured during firing, toughening, or tempering processes and provides conductive and tough mechanical film, enabling good soldering properties, according to the company. Dip-Tech’s conductive Silver digital ink’s conductivity and resistivity parameters are made for OEM, ARG, and speciality transportation applications.

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