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Windshield Repair

Reaching Gforce Max

GlasWeld has been providing professional glass scratch removal tools for more than 15 years and now are making the process even more streamlined with the new Gforce Max.The scratch removal system features an ergonomic and ambidextrous grip that helps users maintain full control of the tool; extra-cushioned, highly-forgiving backer pads that allow even beginners to re-move scratches without distorting the glass; patented water feed system that controls the temperature of the glass; and easy-to-follow educational materials that ensure every user receives consistent, comprehensive training, according to the company.


Please eXcePt this Caulking Gun from Irion-America

Irion-America LLC, manufacturer of dispensing tools and caulking gun products, has introduced its new “eXcePt” series product line featuring what the company calls “innovative drip control” caulking and sausage guns to the North American marketplace.

The eXcePt series offers a rubber-coated handle and trigger, antirust/scratch proof barrel and built-in tip cutter. Providing a 19:1 thrust ratio. The adjustable drip control technology can be activated by a switch on the handle and can be turned on or off while laying a bead.

Irion-America is now stocking the eXcePt series products in the United States for  310 ml or 10.5 fl oz cartridges and sausages and cartridges up to 600ml.O ́

GT Tools Will Help you Vanish

GT Tools has released the Vanish windshield repair system with the patented DarkCure sub 15-second fully integrated UV curing system, the patent-pending SpeedLock multiposition injector and OneTouch air release valve, and what the company calls industry-leading vacuum/pressure capacity. After 10 years in development, GT Tools is also releasing the Dark-Cure™ technology platform into the world. The company says the ultra-high intensity, short duration UV LED curing penetrates deeply into any repair from all sides, cutting cure times by 90 percent and improving cure strength even after the system is turned off.


Be a Glass Protector with Nano Liquid’s Safety Shield

Nano Liquid has introduced two new products; the Glass Protector and the Safety Shield.

The Glass Protector is a polymer coating that creates a hydrophobic (water repellent) surface on glass by using propriety nano-chemistry originally developed for the space program. It settles into micro crevices of glass, chemically bonding to its surface. According to the company, Glass Protector improves scratch resistance up to 15 percent more than untreated glass, thus increasing a wind-shield’s ability to resist chips and pitting from rocks, sand and other atmospheric debris. Its hydrophobic properties are being marketed as boosting visibility by reducing glare at night and while driving in the rain. Under the right environmental conditions Glass Protector can last up to four years, the company says.

The Nano Liquid Safety Shield also uses a proprietary polymer technology to create a hydrophobic surface on wind-shields to improve visibility in the rain by causing rain drops bead-up so that they are wicked away from a windshield’s surface quickly. According to the company, the specialized formula reduces glare, improving visual awareness up to 34 percent while driving at night and in the rain. Nano Liquid says its formula uses nanotechnology that binds to glass using covalent bonds to create a near perfect windshield surface, making Safety Shield different from other hydro-phobic applications because the polymers react with and attach to the glass’s surface and allowing it to last several months and up to two years depending on your environment.

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