Showroom January/February 2023

Best New Products

Heads Up on HUD

NSG Pilkington has developed an enhanced front display (HUD) augmented reality windshield that combines a specialized glass processing with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and a variable wedge angle to deliver larger images. It easily adapts to different driver heights. The variable angle of the PVB layer in the laminated glass receives the projected image. With this product, NSG says it has created a variable angle wedge, so drivers of varying heights see minimal distortion.

Sunroof Expansions

Sunroof Express has expanded its product line to include all 2023 model year- vehicles. According to the company, it offers more than 6,000 sunroof SKUs, nationwide. The company says their wholesale division offers knowledgeable telephone service representatives for questions surrounding pricing, service and technical installation details.

Growing Industry Partnerships continues to expand its industry partnerships by working together with industry leaders to create special programs. There are currently special programs available for:

• Auto Glass Safety Council™ Registered Member Companies;
• Mainstreet™ Customers; and
• Omega EDI customers.

Are you a member or customer of one or more of the above? Explore the benefits available to you by visiting Interested in creating a partnership program with Email

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