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Sika: New Sikaforce-315 Delivery System

Sika has released a new, enhanced delivery system for its SikaForce-315 designed for bonding small components. It’s now packaged in tall 25 milliliter syringe style-cartridges with green static mixers, replacing the shorter cartridges and clear mixers. According to the company, laboratory and field testing has shown that the new packaging allows for a 50% reduction in push force, easier dispensing by hand, more precise and controlled application properties, as well as a 17% reduction in material waste due to the smaller mixer.


Autel: ADAS Expansion Package

Autel’s newly released expansion package for its portable MA600 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) calibration system extends the system’s calibration coverage from lane departure warning (LDW), included in the standard package, to blind spot monitoring (BSM), park assist and adaptive cruise control (ACC) radar-based systems, Mercedes vehicles’ night vision systems and around view monitoring (AVM) and rear collision warning (RCW) camera systems. The MA600CAL1 package features a corner reflector (radar), Mercedes night vision calibrator, RCW patterns for Volkswagen, Mercedes and Nissan vehicles and AVM patterns for Cadillac and Honda vehicles, which includes the two patterns needed for rear- and side- camera calibration. The expansion package is compatible with the MA600 system and any of Autel’s MaxiSYS tablets, excluding the MS905 and MS906, running Autel’s ADAS calibration software, which is available for an additional, one-time charge. The MA600 ADAS calibration software features original equipment-specified calibration procedures with step-by-step illustrated instructions and video tutorials to guide users from setup through successful calibration.

AirPro Diagnostics: 24/7/365 service

AirPro Diagnostics, an ADAS calibration solutions service provider, has launched 24/7/365 service to the automotive aftermarket. AirPro vice president of strategic business operations Josh McFarlin stated the company’s goal of providing timely service as the reason for providing constant service. The company also has an Evergreen Warranty service that provides the latest hardware available at no additional cost and a 10-Minute Response Pledge. The scan tool and system has OEM licensed software and scan-tool hardware. The cloud-based diagnostic management system Orion, records and stores all scans and screen sessions.


UltraWiz: UltraReach Cold Knife 3055-K

The new UltraReach Cold Knife from UltraWiz is an auto glass cutting tool that enables four different positions for increased effectiveness and safety when cutting. The knife is nine inches long in the collapsed position but can expand to 12 inches in the fully extended position and is operable with one hand, according to the company.

The center position offers 45-degree rear handle adjustment both clockwise and counterclockwise. In order to change positions, all that has to be done is loosen the twin thumb-screws, says the company. Ball plungers al-low locking in each position as well as blade changes. The coated 1-inch thick handles are for comfort and paint protection and the product is made in the U.S.

Eurotech: The Nemo Handheld Lifter

Eurotech, implementers of standardised and customised handling and transport solutions in the field of vacuum technology, is now offering Nemo, a battery-powered handheld vacuum lifter with powerful suction that works on rough, structured and damp surfaces. It can achieve a holding force of up to 170 kg and has an installed vacuum meter with a red/green area for monitoring. The vacuum pump integrated into the handle creates the required negative pressure and features an economy circuit that switches off automatically once a safe negative pressure is reached. If the vacuum in the suction device drops, the pump will switch on again. The Nemo hand-held lifter is a system for lifting and transporting flat items and virtually all surfaces. Wherever heavy lifting is necessary, this tool assists in minimizing the risk of dam-aging expensive material while maximizing productivity and reducing the physical work-load involved, the company claims.

Ranger Design: Lockers And Workbenches

Ranger Design, a designer and manufacturer of specialized van shelving, van racking, ladder racks, partitions and storage systems for commercial vehicles has launched their newly redesigned van lockers and workbenches for storage and organization within the mobile technician’s work vehicle. Updates to the lockers include black end panels to be consistent with other pieces in the product line, an extra 2 inches of width for increased storage space and upgraded tougher versions of the install brackets.

For both the lockers and workbenches, the doors have been standardized to match the company’s other shelv-ing doors. This is to reduce inventory and simplify installation for both the customers and distributors, according to the company.

The new workbenches have some subtle updates including a slight change to the end panels to accommodate for new brackets; however, they will still remain aluminum for increased payload and overall durability.

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