Repair Roundup Mar/Apr 2019

Customer Expectations

By Troy Mason

We have all been there. We have all had a customer come back to us after a wind-shield repair and say “but I can still see where it was broken. You were supposed to make it disappear!”

Windshield repair is a wonderful process that has saved many windshields but we all know it’s not a perfect one—nor is it magic. The appearance of the break may be minimal after a repair, but it’s al-most always going to be there. So what’s the solution?

Talk to Your Customer…

… before the repair. As soon as you begin contact with a custom-er, it’s important to warn him that windshield repair isn’t magic. Explain that you will seal the break and that you should be able to keep it from spreading further. Make sure you advise the customer on the great savings that will come from having the windshield repaired in-stead of replaced—not to mention the environmental benefit of keeping a windshield out of the landfill.

Explain that windshield repair also preserves the original factory seal on a windshield, which preserves the structural integrity of the windshield—and can support the roof in the event of a crash.

But, once you go over all of these benefits, you must make sure the customer knows that windshield repair isn’t meant to be a cosmetic fix. Assuming you believe the break to be repairable make sure the customer understands very clearly that the location of the break likely will still be visible. You might show the customer pictures of prior repairs and help him to understand what to expect he will see when the repair is complete.

Explain in very clear terms all of the benefits of windshield repair, but be just as clear about the misconceptions. Make sure the customer is aware that the prior break isn’t going to disappear after the re-pair. This will lead to clearer communication in the end—and minimize the chances of a complaint after the repair is complete.

The Repair Process

You might also detail the steps involved in a windshield repair for the customer. Show him the equipment that will be used, explain the process of cleaning the break, injecting resin into it and the process of sealing the repair. The more details you can provide, the more your custom-er will understand that you are an expert in your field and will listen closely to all you tell him. And it’s okay to let the customer know that the break will become slightly less visible—as long as he is aware that it won’t disappear completely.

The What If

What happens if a customer isn’t satisfied with this information? You can explain that if any slight appearance of the break bothers him, then a replacement may be a better option. But be sure to explain all that he will be missing out on if he chooses this option first—the cost savings, the preservation of the factory seal, and all of the other things mentioned above.

It is better, however, to be upfront with all of this information than to have an unhappy customer in the end. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and will not only lead to more work for your company in the future but also improves consumer awareness and appreciation for the industry at large.

TROY MASON is the chairperson of the National Windshield Repair Division of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ as well as CEO of Techna Glass Inc. in South Jordan, Utah.

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