Repair Roundup Jan/Feb 2020

Time for a Change

By Linda Rollinson

“Like all living standards, it must be continually maintained and updated in an effort to keep it current with the industry’s needs.”

The Repair for Laminated Glass Standard (ROLAGS™) has been around for several years, and is a wonderful resource for the windshield repair industry. Developed by a committee of industry representatives over the course of several years, it is a great guideline for windshield repair—when repair is appropriate, what to expect, etc.

But, like all living standards, it must be continually maintained and updated in an effort to keep it cur-rent with the industry’s needs. With this in mind, the National Windshield Repair Division (NWRD) of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) recently announced the formation of a new ANSI committee to develop a standard for windshield repair. The standard will be the successor to ROLAGS, which was recently provided to the AGSC by the NWRA when it formed a new division to accommodate the former National Windshield Repair Association.

What’s Expected

We expect the new Standard to draw heavily on the ROLAGS Standard. Though the ROLAGS Standard is very well developed, the AGSC has its own systems in place for standards-setting and we want to make sure the Repair Standard exists in accordance with those procedures. The new standard will be known as ROLAGS 2.

What We Need

Of course, the NWRD, as well as the AGSC, needs industry input to develop the Standard. If you or your company has any interest in windshield repair and is interested in helping to develop the new ROLAGS 2, we encourage you to join us. You can do so by contacting Kathy Bimber at for an application to join the new ROLAGS 2 committee.

The ROLAGS 2 committee will meet in person on March 18 in Los Angeles at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. We welcome your input and hope to hear from you soon.

LINDA ROLLINSON is the chairperson of the National Windshield Repair Division Steering Committee of the Automotive Glass Safety Council™ as well as owner of Superior Auto Glass of Tampa Bay Inc. in New Port Richey, Fla.

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