November/December 2019


2019 Buyers Guide

Whether you’re searching for a company to purchase calibration equipment, a glass supplier, tools, adhesives or other components, the AGRR™ Buyers Guide has it all in the next several pages. Keep it as a resource all year long and access it online at

All the News from Auto Glass Week™

NAGS isn’t overhauling their system, competitors bring their best to the competition and the industry gathers with others to gain and share ideas. All this, and more took place at Auto Glass Week 2019.

Answering the Calibration Call

Learn from six experts everything why you need to offer calibration services, how much it costs and more in this detailed article.

Market Drivers

We take a look at several key indicators of OEM and aftermarket glass demand, thanks to a recently release report on the state of the industry.

Departments and Columns

Field of Vision

The Lite Side





The Showroom


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