New Product Parade May/June 2019

Annual Guide to New Products and Services

Looking for the latest auto glass replacement tools, including calibration equipment? What about new software, adhesives, components and more? Look no further than AGRR’s Annual Guide to New Products and Services.

Tools and Equipment

Who Doesn’t Love a Newborn?

Newborn Brothers Co. has added the Model 290 Elite Series to its line of caulk guns. The 290 is made for 10 ounce cartridges and has a 22:1 thrust ratio smooth rod. It also has a dual composition rubber grip, protective trigger housing and a heat-treated rod. Adding to the list of uses, it has a seal puncture tool, and a plastic cover over-ladder hook to keep it nearby. A single-piece sintered friction plate and plastic front cap over metal frame round out the aspects that set it apart from other caulk guns on the market.O

The WRD on Spider Lines

WRD Spider Line P8 Series is a heavy gauge cutting line for all applications. Officials say it is a fast cutting process with the a high reusability rate. Technical specifications include up to 10 removals per length; a tensile strength of 365 pounds; and a 1 mm diameter. It has solid braiding construction, and the company adds that it has a low salvage removal rate and heavy duty abrasion resistance coating.
The Spider Line is available in four sizes:
• P8-96 – 315 feet (96m), available in 14pre-marked lengths
• PN8-96 – 315 feet (96m) with no pre-marked lengths
• P8-34 – 112.5 feet (34m) in 5 pre-marked lengths
• P8-C – 22.5 feet (6.85m) in a single length


Putting the Express in Sunroof Express

Sunroof Express, supplier of new and reconditioned sunroof and T-top panels, has expanded its line to include 2019 model year vehicles, adding to its inventory of roof panel replacement panels and related repair parts.
The company also maintains a large inventory of sunroof component parts, from guide rails to lifter arms, and now offers easy online ordering, so customers have access to comprehensive parts inventory at any time.

Windshield Repair

It’s Good to Be King

Delta Kits Inc., is offering the Elite XL, a UV-LED curing light available for windshield repair technicians.
The Elite XL is double the size of the other curing lights in the Elite Fleet. The UV output field and number of UV emitting diodes measures 2.5 inch by 11-inch area with 14 inline 8W high-power Light Emitting Diodes (LED). According to the company, the Elite XL produces uniform, high-intensity ultraviolet light at a 365 nm wavelength that is optimal for curing wind-shield repair resin. The irradiance is 40,000 μW=cm², with a cure time of under one minute.
The Elite XL can be powered by three power sources—12V, 120V, and 240V—making it versatile for mobile technicians and shop users both in the United States and internationally. Other features include cooling fins to dissipate heat, six ultra-secure replaceable suction cups, a fuse-protected plug, and a light curing area that is over 100% larger than previous models, according to the company.
“Like our popular Elite and Elite Plus, the Elite XL cures in under one minute, so long crack specialists are really going to love this light”, states Brent Deines, president of Delta Kits. “Whether you are repairing a start break, short crack, or long crack, the Elite XL has you covered.”

Rammer Jammer Got Sacked

Auto glass technicians who are frustrated with the spillage from rain sensor gels may want to check out the Rammer Jammer Sensor Sack. The new product is a bean bag leveling table that the company says creates flawless rain sensor gels every time and eliminates spill over.

Social Media and Web

Social Media Management Comes to Mainstreet

Mainstreet Web Services now offers another value-added service—social media management. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram Mainstreet works with customers to develop a social media strategy and integrated marketing solution to build followers and company brand. The company will take responsibility for their customer’s daily content creation and posting, monitor incoming comments, man-age paid ads, and provide monthly reporting, so customers can focus on their own company operations.

Mitchell 1 Enhances Its Software

Mitchell Repair Information Co. L.L.C. enhanced its Mitchell 1 ProDemand auto repair information soft-ware by adding a function to help technicians who need to diagnose, calibrate and repair Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functionality in today’s high-tech vehicles.
“The term ADAS may not be immediately familiar to all shops, but everybody knows about blind-side monitoring, lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control,” said Ben Johnson, director of production management.
ProDemand includes detailed re-pair information for these systems, and the new Driver Assist – ADAS Quick Link button provides access to a table consolidating all ADAS features for the selected vehicle and the specific components involved.

Vitro Autoglass Enters E-Commerce

Vitro Autoglass customers can now buy auto glass parts from the company’s new e-commerce site. Touted as a re-liable and friendly tool where users can find everything they need for auto glass installation jobs. The company says customers can acquire auto glass parts easily and with a competitive price, along with tools, urethane, moldings and more.

Elmo Helps You GlassCheck

Elmo Anywhere from IBS now offers GlassCheck for online ordering from major suppliers. The feature is built into the software so users don’t need to flip back and forth be-tween browser tabs and programs while quoting a customer.
The streamlined interface allows users to select the parts needed for a quote and click the GlassCheck button for what the company calls an instant search of Kryger Glass, Mygrant Glass, Pilkington and PGW for price and availability. Each supplier’s results will be displayed in a tab that shows the price, part availability, and an estimated delivery time.
Users are also able to select the delivery route and place the order all within Elmo Anywhere. The program links the supplier’s order number to the customer’s Elmo Anywhere order and supplies the Elmo Anywhere order number as the PO number to the supplier.


Marcy Eliminates the Hassle

Marcy sensor pads use a patented clamshell mold to produces a thicker pad, which the company says creates a better fit and in turn helps users avoid air pockets. Advertised as fingerprint resistant and made of silicone for easy handling, the packaging is described as “hassle-free” and easier to use than pads with plastic liners.

May the Force Be With You

SikaForce-315 is a two-component, plastic and metal adhesive designed for bonding small components, such as mouldings, clips and rearview mirror tabs. Offering adhesion to a wide range of substrates, the product has a 50-second working time and what company officials call superior handling strength to enable fast, durable bonding of parts with minimal surface preparation. Packaged in 25 ml syringe-style cartridges, SikaForce-315 offers two-component dispensing by hand without the need for an applicator gun.

New Primerless-to-Glass Urethane Adhesive Has Two-Hour MDAT

BETASEAL™ U-418HV primerless-to-glass urethane adhesive now features a two-hour minimum drive-away time at temperatures of 40°F and above.
According to the company, primerless-to-glass adhesives are designed to form the same chemical bonds to clean glass frit as the primer does. This eliminates the glass priming step and saves time during installations.
The company says this product’s high viscosity formulation delivers higher initial strength, and is easy to gun and has excellent decking and sag resistance.

Calibration Equipment

Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Tool Package

The Autel calibration system now has an expanded Lane Departure Warning (LDW) vehicle coverage upgrade. The new LDW-TARGET2 package contains LDW calibration targets for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda and Mercedes Benz. These targets are compatible with the current Au-tel MaxiSYS ADAS calibration frame and software. The calibration system, which Autel says is fully adjustable, provides procedures for camera, radar and night vision based systems for a wider range of specialty repair shops including collision, alignment, and glass replacement. Autel is an ADAS Calibration provider that also is an I-CAR Sustaining Partner and ADAS calibration training supporter.


Taking a Good Look in the Mirror

Burco’s Redi-Connect mirror mount kit provides a solid base and connection point for those installing the company’s Redi-Cuts into assemblies with damaged or missing backing plates. The company states its new mirror kit is compatible with OEM mirror assemblies with a 3.25” circular snap-in style actuator.The Redi-Connect kit includes:
• (1) 3.25” motor mount with pre-applied adhesive,
• (8) Foam alignment strips,
• (2) Suction cups, and
• (1) Instruction sheet.


Get Precision Work

Precision now offers the PR-M09USMF foam underside moulding for Hondas. It is available in 75-foot spools, nine milimeters wide. According to the company, it aligns to the glass edge easily and is made of ozone-resistant EPDM foam rubber. Advertised as a premium grade black adhesive tape, it also fits tight radius corners, according to the company.

Protective Measures

As an automotive glass shop, no doubt you are often looking for additional products to add to your bottom line—one of these could be windshield protection products, a sampling of which are found below.

New Vision Windshield Protection

NewVision is a multi-layer optically clear tear-off used for the protection of windshields, and the company says the product reduces damage from flying debris, abrasion and road grime. The product is fast to install and user friendly to mold and install on any car’s windshield. And removal is fast, easy, and clean. The company says this means dealers who offer this product can make more profit, save time on installation, and turn more tickets into sales.
The company has partnered with Dinan Cars to use as an add on when upgrading performances of BMW’s.

Bray Windshield Protection

Bray Windshield Skin® was designed to eliminate windshield damage and costs of replacement. The company offers a variety of materials to choose from and options include 1, 2, 3 and 4 layers of protection. The customer simply removes the material when the product’s life has expired. Depending upon environmental conditions this could range from 6 to 12 months per layer.
The product is sold through a variety of avenues including window film dealers and auto glass professionals, and the company works with OEMS on some of its products as well.

Exoshield by Alchemy Nano

Representatives for ExoShield say its product is a thin, transparent film applied on the exterior surface of a windshield. Officials say it is six times more resistant to stone chips than standard automotive glass. The product is built with advanced nanotechnology embedded in a multi-layer, distinctly transparent film.
“We are actually quite keen on working with glass replacement shops because this would be a perfect solution to offer a customer who has just felt the pain of replacing and expensive ADAS-sensor equipped windshield,” says Khanjan Desai, CEO and co-founder.

Clearplex by Madico

ClearPlex® Windshield Protection Film by Madico is a patented product that absorbs the impact of standard road hazards which the company says significantly reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s-eyes, leaving the glass in pristine condition. The company also describes it as the world’s first optically-clear protection film for vehicle windshields. The company adds that those who add this to their product offerings can be very profitable.
Its patented hard coat is scratch resistant and provides qualities similar to glass, including protection against normal scratches and abrasions, the company adds.

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