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Annual Guide to New Products and Services

Are you looking to improve your service efficiency with the latest tools and services? Check  out AGRR™ magazine’s Ninth Annual Guide to New Products and Services for many of the latest industry offerings.


Side Moulding Kits

Looking for side moulding kits for the 2011-2017 Ford Explorer (WSK D1843) or the 2009-2018 Ford Flex (WSK D1725)? Precision Replacement Parts offer these direct factory replacements with adhesive tape and clips. The kits offer an OEM quality fit and finish, and the product will not release unexpectedly once installed, according to the company.


Enhanced Reporting

Mainstreet’s new report system offers an enhanced user experience with easy access from any web browser. DataPRO delivers more robust data content that can be arranged, sorted and drilled down. Tools such as pie charts, graphs and a quick-view dashboard give a visual snapshot of a company’s business. The reports give real-time information that can be displayed in a user’s preferred format. Templates can be saved for future use. In addition to the accounting package, the company now offers QuickBooks Online (QBO) as an integrated option for Cloud POS users. As a partner with QBO, users get Mainstreet’s negotiated preferred pricing along with a special QBO team to help users get started.


A Wiz of a Blade

The UltraWiz 5008-M is a blade designed for the glazing industry. With a 2-9 /16-inch cut length, it can get deep behind a thermal unit. It fits all of UltraWiz’s cold knives, according to the company.


A Program with Many Features

IBS Software has released an all new, cloud-based POS system for the auto glass industry. The new software, called Elmo Anywhere, is accessible via any device with an active internet connection. Its major features include Right Glass which enables users to identify the exact auto glass and hardware replacement parts for supported vehicles using the VIN. Elmo Anywhere also uses GlassCheck, which checks pricing and availability from participating suppliers without having to open multiple tabs. Users can also access a new pricing engine, credit card processing, built-in email, scheduling, search function, multi-location ability and an installer app. The app allows a user to see the installer schedule and access all information necessary to complete a job such as step-by-step directions


Primerless to Glass Adhesives

Sikaflex® P2G PLUS and Sikaflex® P2G are cost effective, primerless to glass, high viscous polyurethane adhesives designed for use in replacing direct glazed automotive glass parts, according to the company. Both products are cold-applied and exhibit improved adhesion to moldings. Sikaflex® P2G PLUS offers a three hour Minimum-Drive-Away-Time (MDAT) while Sikaflex® P2G has a six hour MDAT. Both products have been packaged with wide mouth cartridges and long straight nozzles to meet customer needs, and have successfully met FMVSS 212/208 crash tests.

30 Minute Safe Drive Away Time

Dinitrol 9100 is a 30 minute minimum drive away time adhesive, according to Dinol. The product is high modulus, OEM approved, non-conductive, cold applied, fast curing and crash test proven.

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Auto Glass

Jeep Wrangler Parts

Fuyao provides OEM and aftermarket replacement glass parts for 2018 model vehicles. One of these new parts is glass for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, produced at Fuyao Glass America in Ohio. The backlite includes several value-added components, including motorized wiper, hinges, heating lines and bottom moulding, according to the company.


Sunroof Express Offers 2018 Models and Quick Rebuilds

Sunroof Express, suppliers of new and reconditioned sunroof and T-top panels, has expanded its line to include 2018 model year vehicles, adding to its inventory of roof panel replacement panels and related repair parts. The company’s wholesale division offers dedicated, knowledgeable telephone service representatives to answer all pricing, service and technical installation questions quickly. Sunroof Express also says it maintains the largest inventory of sunroof component parts, from guide rails to lifter arms, and everything in between. One of its newest and best-selling products is its sunroof track rebuild kit. This kit provides a lower cost alternative for repairing sunroof assembly tracks, and is compatible with many popular vehicle models manufactured since 2000.

Windshield Repair

A One-Step Resin

Glass Magic Professional resin offers such a low viscosity that its penetrating power allows it to flow into chips and cracks with uncanny speed, the company says. The product is a “one-step” resin and does not require fi llers or polishers, yet sets crystal clear in minutes, either in direct sunlight or under an UV light. It does not yellow with age and is water soluble so it cleans up with little effort. The company also sells its own specially-designed kit with everything needed to work in a shop or in the field, as well as other accessories.

Vacuum with Z-Mount Strength

GlasWeld’s new ProVacZoom features Z-Mount technology that allows for a perfect seal instantly, according to the company. It’s easy to use with no external moving parts such as a cam lock or set screw. That means no guess work or rotational stress. Z-Mount technology eliminates the torque effect a threaded injector inherently creates. The ProVac technology maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair. It’s fully adaptable for all types and areas of the windshield, and includes a stainless steel injector backed by a lifetime warranty.

New Faster Curing UV LED Light from Delta Kits

Delta Kits Inc.’s latest product is the Elite UV Curing Light. Constructed of a sleek, new aluminum body design with an anodized coating, the Elite Light is more durable, longer-lasting, and three times faster than previous versions, according to the company. With a 3 watt high-power UV LED diode, the power output is over 19,000 μW/cm² 365 nm UV LED, with the meter unable to measure any higher. This light is also capable of accepting three power sources, including 12V, 120V and 240V, making it versatile for the mobile or shop user located both domestically and internationally. Added features include cooling fins to dissipate heat, ultra-secure replaceable suction cups, a fuse-protected plug and a light curing area that’s more than 50-percent larger than previous models.


Double Rack Capacity

Barkow Inc. offers Next Ledge, a removable, upper-ledge board for a user’s existing Barkow rack. This product is designed to transport additional glass where companies want it, effectively doubling the capacity of a rack. It is made of high-grade, durable stainless steel and can safely carry 400 pounds when using the required two ledges, according to the company. The Next Ledge hooks directly onto the company’s high-tensile steel, aluminum or stainless-steel load-holding slats, offering customers easy installation and removal. Each 4-inch useable ledge is equipped with a neoprene pad to protect glass and Velcro fastening for added safety while transporting glass


Mirror Replacements with Motor Mount Connector

Burco Redi-Set-Go frameless mirror replacements with a pre-applied motor mount connector are ideal for jobs involving a broken or missing backing plate. The motor mount connector attaches directly onto the mirror head’s actuator, enabling a quick and easy snap or slid-in installation. All 4,000 plus of Burco side view mirror parts are included in the NAGS parts catalog. Look for the RSG suffix on the Burco part or number.


BETASEAL Xpress30 Has Quick Minimum Drive Away Time

Dow Automotive’s new BETASEAL Xpress30 high modulus/non-conductive urethane adhesive delivers a 30-minute minimum drive away time in temperatures as low as 0°F. BETASEAL Xpress30 is cold applied, has excellent pumpability and is easy to tool. It also has short tails, outstanding decking and an eight- to ten-minute working time. BETASEAL Xpress30 employs Dow’s reinforced polyisotropic micronetworked technology (RPM). RPM has shorter crosslinks that create strong bonds quickly. This allows the car to be released to the owner as soon as 30 minutes after application.

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