January/February 2021


OE vs. Aftermarket Glass

Is OE glass really necessary, or are aftermarket products a solid alternative? AGRR magazine takes a lot at the position statements from the auto makers, and talks to those involved in all sides of the supply chain to find the answers.

Calibration Education

ADAS and calibration experts gathered in January to remind auto glass shops that performing calibrations is much more than investing in a tool. Find out everything you need to know, ether you are just starting or already offer this service.

Installation Tools

Sophisticated handling tools can mean less injuries. But are technicians utilizing them in large numbers, and how does it all impact them?

ADAS and Windshield Repair

If you are involved in the repair of windshields, you may not think Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will have a big impact on your business, but that is not necessarily the case.


Field of Vision

Repair Roundup

Training Time

The Lite Side


AGRR Reports




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