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Spring Brings New and Updated Products

Ah, Spring! As the days get longer and the air gets warmer, Spring brings with it increased demand for auto glass and well as the launch of new and updated products. This year, brings a bumper crop of new and enhanced adhesive products. Here are just a few.

Primerless-to-Glass Adhesives With 3-Hour MDAT — From DuPont

Beta seal™ U-428+HV and Betaseal™ U-838HV primerless-to-glass windshield adhesives now feature three-hour Minimum Drive-Away Times (MDAT) at working temperatures as low as 50°F and four-hour MDATs between 32°F and 50°F.

Both are one-component, conventional-cure, high viscosity adhesives. Each eliminates steps and speeds installations by incorporating glass primer functionality into the urethane. They are easy to gun and require no heating.

Representatives from DuPont say the two new adhesives are excellent for RV and motor home windshield replacement. They can also be used for quarter glass or other stationary glass, as well as backfilling to install reveal moldings or other trim.

Betaseal™ U-428+HV comes in a cartridge. U-838HV is available in sausage packs.

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Three New and Improved Products — From Dinol

Dinol’s Dinitrol 9100 was replaced with the new/improved Dinitrol 9100 HD, which features high density, improved decking properties, increased viscosity, high modulus, and low conductive. Dinitrol 9100 is available in cartridge and foil wrap, and has a safe drive-away time of 30 minutes.

Also new and improved is Dinitrol D-500, which was replaced with Dinitrol 500 NF with increased viscosity, improved decking properties, high modulus, and low conductive. Dinitrol 500 NF is available in cartridge and foil wrap and has a safe drive-away time of 3 hours.

New from Dinol is Dinitrol 544 clear glass/frit adhesion promotor, a one-step clear adhesion promotor for glass and ceramic frit with a fast flash-off time. Dinitrol 544 can be used with all Dinitrol Glass AGR glass bonding adhesives and as a one-step or two-step system in conjunction with the Dinitrol 538plus primer.

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Three Hour, 60-Minute and 30-Minute Drive-Away Times — From SRP

SRP Velocity30 and SRP Velocity60 are universal modulus, cold-applied, fast curing high viscosity adhesives with 30-minute and 60-minute driveaway times. SRP’s Velocity PROV is a primerless to glass and ceramic frit urethane. Convenient and easy to use, the PROV is one-component, cold-applied, high-viscosity, and suitable for installing large windshields. The PROV has a three-hour drive–away time.

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