Field of Vision September/October 2021

A Warm Welcome

By Tara Taffera

If you are a reader of AGRR, then you likely receive its daily e-newsletter, as well (if not go to to sign up for a free subscription). As a glassBYTEs reader, you have likely come across dozens of news stories from our new special projects manager Rebecca J. Barnabi. Barnabi comes to us with more than 20 years of experience in newspaper reporting, and we are glad to have her on the AGRR/glassBYTEs team. You may be hearing from her for some future stories and I know you will make her feel welcome.

Barnabi started shortly after Auto Glass Week, but was able to review many of the seminars via video, so was still able to learn all about the industry, including calibration (see page 28) and industry disruption (see page 24). I know she has enjoyed getting to know everyone in the industry, and to tell your stories and struggles.

“After nearly 15 years in community newspapers, I am delighted to be part of the AGRR/glassBYTEs community. I have learned there is a community out there I never knew existed of auto glass installers and other professionals full of knowledge and interesting stories. I look forward to learning more about them and their businesses,” Barnabi said.

She jumped right in with AGRR this month, and talked to three shop owners about the myths of calibration (see page 16). “I really loved writing that article,” said Barnabi.

She went over ten myths in that story (see below). Is there anything missing from the list? Email me at if there is. And if you have a story idea feel free to email Rebecca at We both look forward to hearing from you.

Top 10 Calibration Myths

“It’s not needed.”
2. “Every car can be calibrated successfully.”
3. “If I didn’t unplug the camera, it doesn’t need to be calibrated.”
4. “Aftermarket parts are inferior to original equipment.”
5. “They’ll all eventually calibrate themselves.”
6. “If a component doesn’t show a code, you don’t need to calibrate.”
7. “I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve never had a problem.”
8. “It’s okay to do calibrations outside.”
9. “Pre-scans are not necessary.”
10. “Nothing else affects ca libration.”

Tara Taffera is the editorial director of AGRR™ magazine/

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