Field of Vision Sept/Oct 2020

Some Simple Tips

By Tara Taffera

One of the things AGRR magazine plans to do more of is offer helpful tips from installers and business owners that can help others do their jobs better. I am hoping you will send me an email in the months ahead to tell me what works for you. We plan to feature tips in each issue—and if we use yours you will earn a $100 gift card. I am by no means an expert auto glass installer, but I am a consumer, so with some advice of my own let’s get those creative juices flowing.

Getting Customers to Leave a Review

I have seen a ton of discussion—and I know many of you struggle with this—how to get customers to write a review. I have seen a lot of conversations on this and it’s great that so many people share ideas on the subject. At the end of the day though, even when you offer incentives it’s just hard sometimes to get the customer to take a minute and write you a positive review.

A simple incentive sometimes prompts the customer to write one as was the case for me.

So I really just want to pass on an idea—it’s something I just did as a consumer and maybe it will work for you.

I recently bought a stand up paddleboard (SUP)—an inflatable one—so a pretty significant purchase. About two weeks after sending in my board registration I received an email from the SUP company asking me to write a review. If I did, they said they would send me a “special gift” and a T-shirt. First, let me tell you the last thing I need is another T-shirt but for whatever reason (and the fact that I love my board) I went to the site and wrote a review. I will admit there are only a few times in my life that I have ever even done this (the other time also happened fairly recently as well, keep reading). The whole thing took about a minute. Once I did it they mailed me a shirt and a whistle to take with me when I go out—something I was pretty happy about and a great thing to have when I am on the water alone.

Please Don’t Do This to Your Customers

The second is more of a reminder—something I really hope you don’t do to your customers.

I wrote an article recently about how so many in the AGRR business are really busy and can’t keep up with the requests coming in. So that is my question: If you are so busy, and especially if you are a super small company where sometimes you do it all, how do you perform jobs and email customers back with quotes?

Please don’t leave them unanswered. I will spare you my repair drama, but it’s always important to remember that customer service is key. Often it’s as simple as the company who returns the call gets the job.

Feel free to email me your tips at

P.S. If you think reviews don’t make a difference, they do. I spent hours reading them before I bought my board to make sure I bought the one that was best for me. And when I finally found a company for that renovation job, because they called me back, I went right to their website to leave a review.

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