Field of Vision November/December 2019

You Never Stop Learning

By Tara Taffera

Boy did I learn that in spades at Auto Glass Week™ this past September. If you were there, I hope you feel the same way. If you couldn’t make it I guarantee you will learn a great deal from our coverage of the event starting on page 22. Let’s get right down to the meat of the subject: Everything calibration related is reported on from pages 28 to 34.

The biggest thing I learned from moderating a two-hour panel discussion on calibration is how offering these services can sometimes be a logistical nightmare depending on where you live. Jon Burra is the owner of Windshield Calibration Center, a company that performs calibration for other auto glass companies. “I have to see the shop before I commit,” he says. Why? He has to take space, lighting, and other issues into account before he can commit to performing the calibration at their place of business.

Another panelist talked about even fi nding a fl at road to do the post drive. “We may drive 25 miles to even get to a road to do the postdrive,” one said.

Say what? I was stunned by that statement, as it was something I simply hadn’t considered. So it’s not enough to say, yes I want to offer calibration services. It depends on where you are located, whether or not you have the space, and the climate you live in. The slope and quality of roads around you are a factor now too—the list goes on.

I have been attending Auto Glass Week for years, but in 2019, more than ever, I was able to have great conversations on the show floor with installers and shop owners.

In fact, an attendee walking the show floor stopped me and we started talking about the calibration panel, as he was in attendance there as well. He had just visited one of the calibration equipment suppliers and then started looking up that equipment for sale on eBay. While I was still standing there, he called the supplier back over and said, “look what I found,” and showed him the equipment online. But the supplier pointed out that no support services would come with that purchase—a valid point—not to mention warranties and updates. You get what you pay for.

Again, so many points to consider— too many to cover here (but pop over to page 28). What did you discover at Auto Glass Week? Drop me an email at

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