Field of Vision May/June 2019

Calibration Conversations

By Tara Taffera

As the editorial director for AGRR magazine, and a member of the seminar planning committee for Auto Glass WeekTM, I spend a lot of time talking to people and learning about calibration. I want to share one of those conversations, but first need to tell you of a great session we have planned for Auto Glass Week 2019 (to be held Sept. 4-6 in Indianapolis). We have several sessions slated on this topic, but I am particularly looking for-ward to this one.

The panel for this session brings together representatives from five auto glass shops who perform calibrations. Some do them daily; one does a handful per month, but all of them will be there to give you a nuts-and-bolts view for the process. This will be your time to ask questions and to get valuable ad-vice from your peers.

I talked to one of the panelists recently and he said this: “I’m not sure you want me. I won’t be describing an all rosy picture of the process.” My reply: “Why would you do that? I am well aware that there are huge challenges with this. That’s one of the reasons we are scheduling this seminar.”

That’s one thing that has me so excited about this session. There will be those in attendance who are hungry to dip their toes in the water and those who want to wade a little deeper, but there are some who don’t want to get in at all. I had a conversation with one of those business owners recently—an AGRR top retailer in fact who does not offer calibration services.

To that end, I assigned a researcher to look at the 2018 list of Top Auto Glass Retailers named in the March-April issue of AGRRmagazine. Of the 66 companies on that list, we found 16 who list calibration services on their websites. While it’s likely many now perform calibration, just 16 of the top 66 dealers openly state on their web-site that they offer these services.

So, whether you offer calibration or not, it’s pretty clear that all of us can still use some education on the topic.

I look forward to seeing you in September—and at this session. Come with your questions.

TARA TAFFERA is the editorial director of AGRRTM magazine/

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