Hello, my name is Jacques … and I love glass!

I started in the glass industry 24 years ago, I’m very proud to say I’ve happily held almost every position in the field, as well as multiple leadership roles. Glass has taken me across the world. I believe I’m one of the luckiest guys in the industry, over the past two and a half decades I’ve had the honor to work with the most talented, innovative and crazy individuals in the industry. I witnessed the rise, fall and rise (in some cases) of just about all of auto glass tools, techniques, chemicals, adhesives, and most importantly … every generation of technician for the last 24 years.

The industry seems to have lost its ability to connect the dots, which is one major area of opportunity. It’s changed since 2009 and every day it advances in technology, products, procedures, training, tools and the existing workforce versus the future workforce. I chose to name this blog Cure Time because the chemicals, adhesives and techniques we use multiple times a day, from time to time five-six times a week – eight to fourteen hours a day, need time to cure before they’re ready for the next step in completing a glass replacement.

There’s a cadence to our industry, we just need to recognize and embrace it.

In the next few months this blog will cover:

  • Read me before you purchase that expensive re-calibration equipment;
  • Ergonomics, a breakdown of AGR tools and how they affect your body over time;
  • Pinchweld/safety gage, how are you protecting your customer’s safety;
  • Bridging the gap between our existing workforce and future workforce;
  • Separating fact from fiction in auto glass;
  • What do you and your team know about DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Code);
  • Can one terrible leader change a business;
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems):is our industry ready;
  • Is it too late to modernize auto glass; and
  • Do you know who your technicians are?

To be clear, I’m a “tech guy.” That’s my history and it’s where my passion lies. What I’d like to do is pass on enough knowledge regarding our craft to help those that choose to create a competitive advantage that they can leverage for success.

The monthly discussions of my blog aren’t always going to be the most popular, but the main goal is to bring clarity and a sense of direction geared towards the future.


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