What’s in Your Toolbox? 

The toolbox for the AGRR tech is now more than just removal tools (we covered those and more in the May-June 2017 Annual Guide to New Products and Services in case you missed it). The new toolbox includes things like can’t-live-without apps, Internet-based sites and more. Here are a few things you may be using on a daily basis, or perhaps things you’ll want to consider.

Tell Me the Waze

If you are a tech, or are responsible for making sure your employees make the most efficient use of their time while on the road, check out the Waze app. In polling friends and co-workers, and as an avid user myself, it may be the best way to find the fastest route and be alerted of upcoming accidents, police in the area, or cars on the shoulder or blocking a lane.

According to the Waze.com website “Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.” Any of us who have used Waze love the fact that this app gives you alternative driving directions, the location of police cars . . . construction. . . cars on the side of the road . . . and traffic ahead, and it helps you get to your destination more quickly and easier.

Weather-Related Solutions

The weather.com app is installed on my phone, yet I still say to my husband, “what’s the weather tomorrow?” as if he is my personal weatherman. He gets annoyed with me, though I can’t imagine why. So I am trying to be better about checking it myself so I know how to prepare for the elements, which really isn’t very important to my job. For you, it’s vital.

Mike Delaney, president, at Patriot Auto Glass, checks the weather.com app for rain and temperature information. If it rains, or even mists, he relies on 10-by-10 canopies when performing outdoor installs.

He also gives some tips for handling those cold-weather installs. So remember this when that winter weather hits.

In the colder months, we keep all our primers/liquids/urethane in one container,” he says. “On colder nights we’ll bring it in the house; otherwise we’ll place it on the passenger floorboard and put the heat on it as soon as we get in the vans.”

On the DOT

As you know, the Department of Transportation (DOT) awards DOT numbers when a new one has been assigned. But did you know there is an easy way to find out when this has occurred? Did you know you can also identify the manufacturer by the ID number? Check out the DOT Search Number Tool at www.glassbytes.com/dot/, which is updated immediately. Users can also sign up to receive an email when the tool is updated, and it’s all free.

What else is in your virtual toolbox? Send me an email at ttaffera@glass.com or post a comment here. Or tell me in person at Auto Glass Week October 4-6!