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As industry technology evolves and advances, so do its sharpest minds. This AGRR New Products Guide is packed with new products built to assist shops as they navigate the present and the future of auto glass repair and replacement. With refined mouldings, new windshields, a sophisticated CSR system and more, this Guide is sure to speak to every type of auto glass professional. Products are grouped by category. If you know of a product that should be included, please email Tara Taffera at


Autel Expands Offerings with MaxiSYS IA800 Expansion Package

Autel is growing its product line up with the MaxiSYS IA800 Intelligent ADAS Calibration expansion package. The product enables rapid and accurate frame placement performed by one person and allows users to check their alignment tolerances prior to calibration with the new Alignment Pre-Check function. Compatible with the existing Autel Standard Calibration Frame, the IA800 expansion package includes six high-resolution cameras, wheel clamps, targets, a power supply and a one-year warranty.

Tech-Celerate Work Flow with CoPilot™ ADAS Suite

Auto Techcelerators now offers the CoPilot™ ADAS suite, which includes three platforms to help auto glass repair and replacement companies identify, inspect, estimate, calibrate and validate ADAS system repairs and calibrations. All three CoPilot™ platforms offer useful solutions meant to transform a user’s smartphone into a multi-purpose ADAS tool, according to the company.

The first platform—ADAS CoPilot™—provides auto glass companies with a swift, accurate way to identify, inspect and estimate ADAS technologies on ADAS-equipped vehicles. By scanning the VIN barcode and performing a visual inspection of the vehicle, the platform can identify ADAS systems in place in seconds. The platform will help shops improve customer ADAS education, employee and business productivity and increase calibration opportunities while also reducing liability.

The second platform—Calibration CoPilot™— provides users with an end-to-end calibration scheduling, management, documentation and invoicing system that streamlines the calibration process, improves calibration documentation and reduces paperwork and administrative costs. Through platform implementation, users can expect an increase in sales and profit and improved communications, documentation and customer service, according to the company.

The patent-pending Test Drive CoPilot™ is a platform that allows users to perform, document and invoice for post-repair/post-calibration test drives to ensure a vehicle’s ADAS systems operate as designed before delivering the ADAS-equipped vehicle back to the vehicle owner. Test Drive CoPilot™ provides OEM-based ADAS test drive procedures and videos while allowing companies to use their smartphones during test drives, to record video, audio, speed, time, mileage, the test drive technician and more to create ideal test drive documentation.

CalPro ADAS Solutions Advances AGRR

CalPro ADAS Solutions launched ADAS IdentiScan in March 2021. According to the company, the product works in just 90 seconds and is designed to assist auto repair professionals in the swift identification of a vehicle’s safety features. Users can get reliable, confirmed information on a vehicle’s ADAS features and required calibrations by using the company’s OBDII scanner and software application installed on a smart phone device, according to CalPro.

LaVision’s Sophisticated Auto Imaging System Focuses on Details

LaVision’s Automotive Imaging system combines automotive glass inspection with image quality testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The applied full-field imaging technique measures optical transmission distortion of windshields already installed on the car or on glass laboratory test benches. The whole-field imaging technique
allows flexible field of views and accurately measures the optical power of local distortions in milli-diopters with highest spatial resolution. The diopter map of the driver‘s viewing zone is captured as well as the ADAS camera view port with an adapted magnification for highest resolution.

Compared to the established scanning Moiré technology, the applied background imaging technique is focusing on a calibration target generated on a high resolution wide-screen monitor. System setup is uncritical for alignment allowing fast installations at different measurement locations. The pattern of the calibration target switches automatically for the different measurement options. Mounted on a robotic arm and equipped with autofocus capability, the Automotive Imaging system is very flexible to use, according to LaVision.

Launch Tech USA Boosts its Product Offerings

The Launch X-431 ADAS Pro is designed to ensure safety and ease of driving with its precise calibration of ADAS camera and radar systems. The automatic calibration frame, along with multiple target boards, services many comprehensive car lines with swift and accurate calibrations. According to the company, the ADAS software offers user-friendly procedures that guide the technician with step-by-step instructions. The X-431 Throttle, a compatible, bi-directional scan tool, has OE-level functionality ideal for diagnostics and ADAS calibrations. Launch Tech has also released an ADAS cart, which is a storage trolley that keeps calibration panels and clamps organized.

asTech Assists with ADAS Tools

asTech provides remote diagnostics using its patented device and also provides access to ASE-Certified Master Technicians, who are trained to be virtual diagnosticians. The company offers a chat feature, which allows for easy-to-discuss fixes on a vehicle as well as to see when an asTech technician has joined the conversation, according to the company. ADASThink allows users to access all ADAS information and retrieve vehicle-specific ADAS equipment, required ADAS calibrations, and the documentation needed to back it all up, according to the company.

AirPro Diagnostics Partners with Collision Works

AirPro Diagnostics announced the addition of Collision Works to the AirPro customer base of collision repair facilities. Based in Oklahoma City, Okla., Collision Works has 36 locations in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

Collision Works said its partnership with AirPro will prove to be a crucial part of its commitment to meet OE requirements and deliver quality, timely repairs to its customers. AirPro said it is proud to align with organizations like Collision Works.


HGP Hones in on Jeeps, Mustangs and Broncos

Hyperformance Glass Products (HGP) has three new windshields for Bronco, Jeep and Mustang lovers.

The 1966-1977 Gen1 Bronco Hyperformance® TOUGH Windshield is designed and built to replicate OEM fit and function to ensure a proper fit for a vehicle. Hybrid construction results in lower overall weight compared to OEM glass, according to the company. In addition, effects of impact damage and cracking are reduced due to asymmetrical construction that uses an inner layer of Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

The 2018-2021 Jeep JL/JT Hyperformance® TOUGH Windshield also features hybrid construction that results in lower overall weight compared to OEM glass, according to the company. This lab-tested windshield was designed and built to replicate OEM fit and function to ensure a proper fi t for a JEEP JL/JT. HGP also introduced the 2015-2021 Ford Mustang Hyperformance® STYLE 5-Panel Louvered Quarter Window Set R/L. It is the first laminated multi-panel window constructed with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, according to the company.


GGG’s Mouldings Packed with ‘Universal’ Applications

The new GGG Universal ET Reverse Cavity Mouldings feature dual durometer technology with a usage indicator window. The mouldings are sold by the 75-foot roll and come in two sizes; 13 mm (part#: ET-100B-75) and 15 mm (part#: ET-101B-75). According to the company, the product is a great value. The mouldings are packaged on a spool without a plastic sleeve to remove, conform to tight-radius corners, are applied easily in all temperatures and contain a stabilizer cord to prevent shrinkage.


Mainstreet™ Promotes Glass Shop Growth with Glas-PAY™

Mainstreet specializes in business technology for glass shops that promote growth and efficiency. Its Glas-Avenue™ glass software now offers a proprietary, integrated credit card processing solution titled GlasPAY™, according to the company.

Glas-PAY™ provides payment processing directly through Glas-Avenue™ software and the MobilePRO™ tech app. In addition, payments can be made 24/7 through an online portal, an email payment link and on your website. Glas-PAY™’s payment capabilities make  it an ideal option in an era of contactless payments, according to the company.

Customer Service

Calls on Call Dials in with Auto Glass CSR

Calls on Call says it has the solution for those who want to build their auto glass business but can’t keep up with all of the business calls—Auto Glass CSR. It’s a newer, highly-customizable version of a typical phone answering service that puts customer service above all, according to the company. Free of sick days and vacation time, Auto Glass CSR can act as a backup to a shop’s current CSR team.


Nelson Glass Tools Introduces ‘Heritage Tool’ Nelson Glass Tools has announced the Otto—a twin spool auto glass removal tool—as the newest to its lineup. Otto is intended for a long working life and pride of ownership. It features powder-coated, cold-rolled steel and a large 7” cup mate with large 2” spools for maximum-load capabilities.

Otto’s small profile— less than 3” tall and 7” by 7.5”—allows access to various situations.

Save Those Cups and Stands

Auto Glass Evolution offers their exclusive cup savers and stand savers. Founded and run by independents Ricky and Jennifer Keastead, the duo offers the cup savers, which the Keastead’s say, are the perfect choice for suction cup protection, care and storage. The covers are designed to fit neatly and quickly over valuable cups to protect them from uninvited shocks and sharp objects while not in use. All covers are made from 4 mm high stretch neoprene and are available in a variety of sizes to suit most cups on the market today. Covers can be hand washed in cold soapy water, rinsed and air-dried.

The stand savers are the perfect outer wrap to protect your windshield stand, according to Auto Glass Evolution. Not to be used alone, the product fits over existing padding, and stretches just enough to allow for a perfect fit. The stands are available in two popular stand sizes—25- and 36-inches.


DuPont Details Adhesives

DuPont detailed its new BETASEAL™ U-428Plus and BETASEAL™ U-838 Primerless-to-Glass Windshield Adhesives, which feature three-hour Minimum DriveAway Times (MDAT) at working temperatures as low as 50°F. According to the company, each eliminates steps and speeds installations by incorporating glass primer functionality into the urethane.

The company also unveiled its BETASEAL™ EV-Ready™ Adhesives. According to the company, the adhesives deliver OEM technology and performance to the aftermarket and bond today’s most advanced vehicles.

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