Annual Guide to New Products 2020

New Introductions Not Slowing Down

As industry members continue to struggle with the effects of COVID-19, one thing they don’t need to worry about is a shortage of products to help them do their jobs. When AGRR put out a call for its Annual Guide to New Products, suppliers did not disappoint. Check out the latest introductions.

Equalizer Piles on the Products

Equalizer is bringing four things to market: the KlingOn Single Shot, a Rain Sensor Level, the SmartSwitch Blade, and BTB Narrow “Winged” Anti-Scratch Pinchweld Pre Scrapers.

The KlingOn Single Shot allows installers to have just enough adhesive and primer for that every-once-in-a-while moment (such as when replacing a mirror button) without using a full kit. KlingOn Single Shot Rearview Mirror Adhesive has a squeeze-on primer and the adhesive has a gel-like consistency to keep it from running down the windshield.

The company’s Rain Sensor Level (RSL330) came from Blake Banning through the Equalizer Inventors Program and is now in full production.

The company’s SmartSwitch Blade (SSB287) is a dual blade, folding utility knife with ergonomically secure features that the company says makes replacing blades safe and easy.

For installers needing narrow profile blades, the BTB Narrow “Winged” Anti-Scratch Pinchweld Pre Scrapers (WK6NKIT) provide better clearance when working closely against pinchwelds, roof panels, A-pillars and trim, according to the company.

SRP’s New Velocity

SRP, known for its 30-minute cold applied product, has introduced Velocity, a new line of urethanes and primers. The company reports that Velocity was tested in “real world” conditions in more than 67 countries, and can be used in all weather conditions while still meeting OEM requirements.Products available are the SRP Velocity 30 and Velocity 60 urethanes, Velocity 247 All-In-One Black Primer, Velocity 050 Glass Activator, and the newest product, Velocity 100CR Contamination Remover.

Get Calibration Compatible

Autel’s ADASCAL2 expansion package includes camera calibration targets and patterns for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda and Toyota, as well as the Hitachi Radar Calibration plate and support stand. This package is compatible for users of the ADAS Standard Calibration Frame and the MA600 Mobile Calibration Frame. It also includes a calibration support stand and a one-year warranty.

Can’t Get More Authentic than Mopar

Authentic Mopar Glass is designed, engineered, manufactured and tested to the FCA US LLC internal and government-mandated standards and the company says it is the only equivalent to the originally installed glass.

The company is the only supplier authorized to utilize FCA US LLC tooling, test equipment or Intellectual Property in the development or production of after-market glass. Aftermarket windshields and mouldings are often made with materials that do not adhere to FCA US LLC performance standards.

An Intelligent Option

Mainstreet has partnered with IntelliPay to provide a payment processing platform, Glas-Avenue Point of Sale, software the company says helps users reduce credit card processing costs, accelerate receivables and streamline operations. It offers the options for getting paid online, in-person, over-the-phone, mobile, by text and email. Those payments are automatically posted to the software. Intelli-Pay payment processing is fully compatible with Glas-Avenue Central and Glas-Avenue Integrated Accounting.

Set it Right with Setting Mate

The Setting Mate Jr makes setting of back glass on sedans easier, according to its creators at Pipeknife. Users position the multi-grooved blocks on the trunk pinchweld, snugging it against the old glass to establish the correct position for the replacement glass. Then the old glass is removed and pre-positioned Set-ting Mate Jr. blocks are used as the stops for locating the new glass. The Setting Mate Jr. is sold through VD-K.TOOLS, a PipeKnife brand.

BetaSeal Up this Prime Clear Deal

DuPont says its BETASEAL™ Express+ is a value-priced HMNC adhesive with 60-minute MDAT now available to the North American auto glass replacement market. Incorporating the company’s RPM technology, the product builds on the formulation of the BETASEAL Express. It is available in 310ml cartridges, 600ml sausage and in G-EZKits.

The company’s BETA- PRIME™ CLEAR Advanced 1-Step Glass/Frit Primer is formulated to provide a 2-minute flash option, down to 0°F, for the RPM-driven BETASEAL Express+ and also now is available, though only as a component in BETASEAL™ Express+ G-EZKits. BETAPRIME™ CLEAR Advanced is only compatible with BETASEAL™ Express+.

Make Sealant Removal Easy

SikaLastomer®-714 is a one-component, high-performance butyl sealant that the company says can be removed easily, making it ideal for automotive, commercial vehicle, and RV maintenance applications on components that require disassembly. Recommend-ed applications for SikaLastomer-714 include the sealing of bolt-in parts to vehicle flange (i.e. truck sliders) and sealing of gaskets to various substrate material. SikaLastomer-714 offers adhesion to a range of substrates with little, if any, surface preparation. The product is marketed as easy to apply and offering good weathering resistance.

Newborn’s New Sausage Cone and Pocket Slix

Newborn Brothers Co., Inc., has introduced a self-puncturing sausage cone that the company is marketing as “a game changer.” A trigger squeeze punctures the tip of the sausage material, saving both time and money while keeping knives clean. It is available in both large and small sizes.For those auto glass companies that also have a companion business in flat glass, the Newborn Pocket Slix Elliptical tooling set is made for glazing applications and can also be used for AGR as tooling sticks. Pocket Slix contain: 5/8-, 3/8-tapered and 3/4-, 13/16-, 1-, 1¼-inch straight spatulas all in one handle. The elliptical tips are ideal for strengthening bonds by forcing material into the sides of the joint.

No Exceptions at Irion-America

Irion-America, LLC, manufacturer of dispensing tools and caulking gun products, has introduced the new eXcePt series product line featuring ‘drip control’ caulking and sausage guns to the North American marketplace.The series offers various features, including a rubber-coated handle and trigger, anti- rust/scratch proof barrel and built-in tip cutter. At a 19:1 thrust ratio, the company says it dispenses various materials with ease and is marketed as ideal for trade professionals. The adjustable ‘drip control’ can be activated by a switch on the handle and can be turned on and off while laying a bead.The company is now stocking the series of products in the United States for 310 ml or 10.5 fl oz cartridges and sausages and cartridges up to 600 ml.The company has also added to its Delta Caulking Gun line of dispensing tools and products, now offering the new XP-Delta Caulking Gun featuring adjustable thrust ratio, 12:1 or 25:1.

The 3055-K UltraReach Knife

Ultrawiz’s new UltraReach cold knife is a change from the cabled Lever Knife. As a rigid knife, the technician has both hands on the knife to give them complete control. The Ultra-Reach knife adjusts from its standard 9- to 12-inches for the extra reach sometimes required in larger vehicles.

The rear handle also rotates left or right in the middle position so the knife will not interfere with any part of the vehicle. The two thumbs screws lock the knife in four different positions: standard, long, center left and center right.

Multiple ball plungers allow the blade to be used at different locations depending on the depth needed. Both handles are covered in a foam coating for comfort as well as preventing vehicle scratches.

Cut Like a Swiftpro

Swift Fiber has launched Swiftcutpro, a synthetic windshield cutting line with up to 550 lbs in a 1.1 mm diameter for demanding jobs. The product has a high tensile strength (great-er than steel wire) and the cord is coated for identification and lubrication, making less likely to stain or corrode while extending the life of the wire. Compatible with most wire-based removal tools available, Swiftcutpro is market-ed as cutting through tough and old glues even at low temperatures. The company’s 0.85 mm version works for European cars and has a high salvage rate, according to the company.

Always on Call

Calls on Call is a dedicated answering and administrative service for auto glass businesses. Along with answering incoming calls, either all of them or only as a back-up when the company is unavailable, Calls on Call can also handle outgoing calls, such as following up with a lead for scheduling purposes, using the parameters clients prefer.By providing support behind-the-scenes, using Calls on Call allows businesses to dedicate more time to work, and the script the shared receptionist works from can be customized for each client.

Precision Replacement Cowl End Kits

Precision Replacement Parts has a range of cowl end kits to replace damaged or faded cowl ends. The kits have an improved UV resistance with a premium fit and finish, and the list of vehicles with which they are compatible includes 99-06 GM Trucks (CES 1110 99), 04-08 Ford Trucks (CES 2111 04), 05-15 Toyota Tacoma (CES 2500 05); 14-19 Toyota Tundra (CES 2723 14); 11-14 Toyota Sienna (CES 3240 11); 14-18 Subaru Forester (CES 3741 14); and 17-19 Subaru Imprezas (CES 4400 17)

Test Drive the Copilot

The Test Drive Copilot platform is a patent-pending, turnkey system designed to help glass repair and replace-ment businesses improve the way they perform, manage, document and get reimbursed for test drives. The prod-uct provides glass repairers with OEM based recommendations, checklists and test drive processes to validate and document how a vehicle’s ADAS safety systems operate as designed before and after a calibration.

The platform also presents, captures and reports on critical road test/test drive processes to ensure the test drive was performed properly, record exactly where the vehicle was driven via a map, document who performed the road test/test drive, how long the road test/test drive took, and what the costs were associated with the road test/test drive. Auto Techcelerators provides the repair facility the ability to store and share the road test/test drive results and documentation with a link. The system has been designed to support single location, multi-lo-cation, national, and global organizations as well as multiple languages and currencies.

Sunroof Express Expanded Products Online

Sunroof Express, suppliers of new and reconditioned sunroof and T-top panels, has expanded its line to include 2020 & 2021 model year vehicles, adding to its inventory of sunroof glass re-placement panels and related component parts. The company adds that with the recent launch of, customers now have access to the largest inventory of sunroof glass and related products online. Customers can register online to receive exclusive discounts, email-only and online-only offers, and access to a comprehensive selection of products.

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